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Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

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Welcome to Savannah State University’s Tiger Wellness Mental Health and Wellbeing Resource Hub.

At Savannah State University, we believe providing access to mental health support services and resources is a campus-wide responsibility. We understand the importance of providing a safe environment where students can learn and grow, particularly during the pandemic. That's why we are striving to ensure Savannah State remains a healthy and supportive community.

We have seen remarkable resilience from our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have also heard their calls and requests for expanded mental health services on our campus and we are excited to announce new resources that will be available in the spring.

All Savannah State University students will have access to the following services at no additional cost: 

To learn about current support services provided at the university or to find out more about our Tiger Wellness Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative contact:

Bonita Bradley, Dean of Students
Division of Student Affairs

Jacqueline Awe, Director
Department of Student Development

Additional Resources: