Strategy and Timeline

Sept. 7 (week of):
USG - HR Community receives package of materials.
Sept. 12 (week of):
Submit list of identified impacted employees to Executive Leadership Team.
Sept. 19 (week of):
Hold "Town Hall" sessions with supervisors of impacted employees.
Sept. 26 (week of):
Issue personalized letters to impacted employees by managers.
Oct. 10 (week of):
Managers check-in with employees and reiterate action steps.
Oct. 14:
Employees receive reminder notice of impending changes/paycheck dates.
Oct. 17 (week of):
Town Hall meeting with impacted staff
Date, time, and location to be announced soon.
Oct. 21:
Financial management workshop at 11:00 AM on campus in The Howard Jordan Building's Torian Auditorium
Oct. 28:
Employees receive final reminder notice of impending changes and that their last monthly paycheck on Oct. 31, and must track and enter their time starting Nov. 1.
Oct. 31:
Employees receive last monthly check.
Nov. 1:
Employees begin tracking and entering their time into the system.
Nov. 3:
Employees receive reminder notice that today is deadline to enter hours worked for their first pay period in November.
Nov. 10:
Employees receive their first bi-weekly paycheck, for hours worked between Nov. 1-4.
Nov. 17:
Employees receive reminder notice that today is the deadline to enter hours worked for their first full two weeks of hourly pay.
Nov. 23:
Employees receive second bi-weekly paycheck for hours worked, for the full two-week period of Nov. 5-18.
Dec. 9:
Employees receive their third bi-weekly paycheck, for the time worked from Nov. 18-30.