If Your Job Becomes Non-exempt

Be assured, this change in no way reflects your work or your value to the University. On the contrary, the University continues to value the professional manner in which you do your job and the many contributions you make to the success of this institution. Please know, the University is required to make these changes to comply with these new Federal regulations.

If your position classification is changed to non-exempt:

Other items important to note:

You should plan for a transition period between your last exempt or monthly paycheck and your first non-exempt paycheck, and you should review the timing and amount of automatic withdrawals from your bank account for items like car and mortgage payments since the amount in your bank account will vary with your biweekly payments.

To help affected SSU staff with this transition, SSU is offering a town hall and workshop.

10/17/16 (week of)
Town Hall for Impacted Staff
Date, time, and location to be announced soon.

Friday 10/21/16
Financial Management Workshop
11:00 AM
Torian Auditorium in the Howard Jordan Building


SSU Human Resources has been working with campus senior leadership to implement the new FLSA federal regulatory changes with the least amount of impact possible. A campus steering group has been working with Human Resources to oversee the implementation process and ensure that the campus approach is consistent with the University System of Georgia policies for the FLSA regulatory change. This change, which SSU intends to implement by November 1, 2016, will affect approximately one-third of SSU staff members.

Under the new DOL regulations, SSU staff whose duties do not qualify for an FLSA exemption and make less than $913 per week ($47,476 full-time annually) will be classified as non-exempt. With this change, these staff members must report their hours worked on a weekly basis and are eligible for overtime pay if they exceed 40 worked hours in a week. Due to University System of Georgia and Savannah State University payroll procedure requirements, these staff members will receive payment on a biweekly (every other week) basis.

Staff who are moved to non-exempt classifications will follow the ADP procedures established by their units to monitor time and reporting their time by the established deadline for their pay period.

For more on the implementation at SSU, visit SSU's FLSA Strategy and Timeline page.