Student Conduct and Disability

Students with disabling conditions are subject to the provisions of the Savannah State University's Code of Student Conduct. Any behavior that violates these policies is subject to sanctions, up to and including dismissal from the University. The Americans with Disabilities Act does not protect behaviors alleged to be a consequence of the disabling condition. Our office is happy to make referrals to appropriate professionals for assessment and treatment of any behavior disorders at student request.

In the judgment of authorized University officials, a student may be withdrawn from the university for non-academic reasons when it is determined that the student has demonstrated behavior that:

Except in situations where the student is believed to be an imminent threat to self or others, as determined at the sole discretion of the University, a student shall, upon request, be accorded due process concerning his or her continued enrollment at the university. In situations involving an imminent threat, the student will be provided a hearing as soon as possible after the withdrawal occurs.