Information For Faculty About Accommodations for Students With Disabilities

The Coordinator of Disability Services in the Disability Resource Center:

Legal Requirements

Available Accommodations

Student Responsibilities

Faculty Responsibilities

The following is a suggested syllabus statement

Savannah State University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities, as required under federal law. The purpose of disability accommodation is to provide equal access to the academic material and equal access to demonstrate mastery of the material. Students with disabilities must meet all the academic requirements and standards of the class, including the attendance policy. If you have a disability and need accommodations, please contact Tadisha Sams-Young, Coordinator of Disability Services at (912) 358 3115 or The Disability Resource is located in King Frazier 205. You will need to meet with Tadisha Sams-Young, who can help you gather documentation of your disability or refer you to an appropriate resource for assessment. Once documentation of the disability is gathered and approved, Tadisha Sams-Young will provide you with an Accommodation Letter, detailing the appropriate, approved accommodations, which you should present to me so we can discuss and implement your accommodations.

If an accommodation seems to undermine an essential function of your class, or there is a problem implementing the accommodations, please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services immediately so we can discuss how the situation can be handled and find a solution that works for the professor and the student.

Handling Test Accommodations

If your class involves tightly timed online tests, there are two options for providing the extra time accommodation. We can print out the test and let the student complete it on paper, then sign in to the computer and input answers. Or you can adjust the timer on the test for the student.

Brief PowerPoint presentations regarding different disability issues are sent via email to all faculty and staff on a monthly basis and are available upon request.