Policies & Procedures

Introduction to PolicyTech


PolicyTech™ policy management solution automates the process of authoring, approving and distributing policies and capturing policy attestation. Rules-based workflows and alerts keep policies moving through the process, alerting owners and managers about unread policies, and even reminding policy owners when to update or retire policies. PolicyTech is a software tool designed to aid in administering the policies, procedures, and manuals for the University as a whole.


Listed below are some of the benefits of using PolicyTech:


Organization and Centralization


Reduced Policy Development and Review Time


Easy and Automated Electronic Archiving

 Expedited Distribution

 Easily Accessible Accountability Reports

The tool can be assessed at the link below:

Policy & Procedure Manager

If you have trouble logging into the system , contact Samantha Hutchinson via email at shutchin@savannahstate.edu or by phone at 912-358-4037. If you need assistance with writing or reviewing a policy designated for your area, please forward correspondence to policy@savannahstate.edu


PolicyTech Resources (New Policy & Procedure Management Tool) *NEW*

Document Owner Reference

Reviewer Reference

Writer Reference

Approver Reference

Logging In (Roles & Permissions)

Policy Overview



Board of Regents, USG, & State Accounting Office Policy (SSU Operates in Accordance with the following)

For our Business Processes & Manuals, please visit the Business & Financial Affairs Business Processes & Manuals page.

For forms associated with Policies and/or referenced in manuals, please visit the Business & Financial Affairs Forms page.