Business & Financial Affairs Processes, Procedures & Manuals

9.2 PeopleSoft Upgrade Job Aids NEW!! Effective March 31, 2015
Entering a Requisition
Managing a Requisition
Requisition Approvers
Budget Office Business Processes
Run Budget Progress Report *UPDATED*  
Grants and Contracts Processes
Contract Process Award Offer Setup
Grant Reconcilation and Reporting Stipend Process *UPDATED*
Property Management (Central Stores) Business Processes
Surplus Property (Equipment Disposal)
Record Retention
Receipt of Goods Internal Property Transfer
University Vehicle Usage External Property Transfer
Off-Campus Use of Equipment Missing Inventory Items (Theft or Loss)
Physical Verification of Inventory Delivery of Goods
Other Business & Financial Affairs Processes
Suggesting a New Vendor in ePro Using New Vendor Form
Check Requests Process Flow Check Requisition Authorized Signatures
Meal Plan Assignements Policies & Procedures Payment of PO Invoices
Travel Cash Advance Clearing  
University Travel Business Processes
Travel Authorization & Travel Cash Advance Processing Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy & Procedure
Travel Training Guide NEW!!! Travel Authority Checklist NEW!!!
Business & Financial Affairs Manuals
Accounts Payable Manual Cash Operations Manual
Purchasing Manual Purchasing Card Manual

iStrategy User Manual - General

iStrategy User Manual -- Procurement

iStrategy User Manual -- Password Mgnt

SSU Business Processes for Internal Control (archived version)
BOR Procedures & Manuals
BOR Business Procedures Manual  

For our Business Policies & Procedures, please visit the Business & Financial Affairs Business Policies & Procedures page.