Business & Financial Affairs Processes, Procedures & Manuals

9.2 PeopleSoft Upgrade Job Aids (Effective March 31, 2015)
Entering a Requisition
Managing a Requisition
Requisition Approvers
Budget Office Business Processes
Run Budget Progress Report *UPDATED*  
Grants and Contracts Processes
Contract Process Award Offer Setup
Grant Reconcilation and Reporting Stipend Process
Property Management (Central Stores) Business Processes
Surplus Property (Equipment Disposal)
Record Retention
Receipt of Goods Internal Property Transfer
University Vehicle Usage External Property Transfer
Off-Campus Use of Equipment Missing Inventory Items (Theft or Loss)
Physical Verification of Inventory Delivery of Goods
Other Business & Financial Affairs Processes
Suggesting a New Vendor in ePro Using New Vendor Form
Check Requests Process Flow Check Requisition Authorized Signatures
Meal Plan Assignements Policies & Procedures Payment of PO Invoices
Travel Cash Advance Clearing  
University Travel Business Processes
Travel Authorization & Travel Cash Advance Processing Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy & Procedure
Travel Training Guide NEW!!! Travel Authority Checklist
Business & Financial Affairs Manuals
Accounts Payable Manual Cash Operations Manual
Purchasing Manual Purchasing Card Manual

iStrategy User Manual - General

iStrategy User Manual -- Procurement

iStrategy User Manual -- Password Mgnt

SSU Business Processes for Internal Control (archived version)
PolicyTech (New Policy & Procedure Management Tool) *NEW*
Document Owner Reference Reviewer Reference
Writer Reference Approver Reference
Logging In (Roles & Permissions) Policy Overview
BOR Procedures & Manuals
BOR Business Procedures Manual  

For our Business Policies & Procedures, please visit the Business & Financial Affairs Business Policies & Procedures page.