Test Center Rules

    Test Center Rules
    The following rules are in place to ensure the academic honesty of students at Savannah State University.

    • PICTURE ID must be presented to the proctor prior to taking an exam.   
    • Test workstation must remain clear of all personal items.
    • ALL electronics and communication/information devices (e.g. cellphones, listening, recording and photographic devices) must be turned off and put away during testing. NOTE:  Some tests require that you do not have in your possession an electronic device--please abide by your specific test rules and regulations for details.
    • Students may not use any prohibited items for any test (e.g. as papers, pamphlets, books of any kind).
    • Only items designated by the instructor on the test request forms will be permitted in the room (pencils, calculator, etc.)
    • Students must remain seated until test is completed. If a student leaves the room to use the restroom, the time out of the room cannot be made up.
    • No hats or hoods may be worn during testing.
    • Coats and backpacks must be hung up or placed on the floor or other designated area. 
    • No food is allowed. Spill-free drinks may be allowed.  However, all food and drinks must be consumed outside the testing room. 
    • Any student using prohibited items will have his or her test voided and reported to Student Affairs for further review and disciplinary action. Students enrolled in Learning Support courses will forfeit any retest and must re-enroll in the respective course, if all attempts for enrollment have not been exhausted.
    • Students requiring special arrangements (i.e. time extensions, added materials, etc.) must have prior written permission from the Counseling and Disabilities Office or written request permission from instructor.