Physical Plant Divisions

Building Maintenance

Robert Campbell
(912) 358-4359

The Building Maintenance division of is responsible for the painting, carpentry and electrical work that is necessary to maintain the campus facilities. They also perform construction services on smaller renovation or remodeling projects. All larger projects are contracted or bid out to local constituents.

Mechanical Maintenance

George Johnson
(912) 358-4354

The Mechanical Maintenance division is primarily responsible for the maintenance and operations of all HVAC equipment, plumbing, and general mechanical maintenance. These services consist of chillers, motors, air handlers, sewage, water, and gas system. The HVAC shop maintains the Metasys and Siemens Control Systems campus wide.

Key and Lock- The key and lock shop provides all services related to building access. These services include the issuance of all keys for the campus community. Request for keys and locks must be made in accordance with the published key/lock policy. Keys must be picked up and signed for at Plant Operations building during normal working hours. A completed key request form can be faxed, or emailed after necessary signatures to Kim Newton.

Custodial Maintenance

Tony Bigham

(912) 358-4347

Custodial Maintenance presently services all of the academic and office areas as well as the sports complexes and Resident Halls. We have two shifts totaling thirty four people who provide service for approximately 1.2 million square feet of campus. In addition, we furnish limited weekend custodial service to these areas. Our specialized project crew maintains the hardwood and ceramic floors and shampoos the carpets in most of our areas with the remainder maintained by the respective shifts. We routinely assist with set-ups and provide custodial coverage for the many sporting and other special events.