Health Insurance

SSU offers its regular employees and retirees a choice of three medical plans provided by the University System of Georgia. The University System health plans are specifically designed to help employees avoid severe financial difficulty when facing catastrophic medical expenses.

The University (through state funding) contributes approximately 75% of the health insurance premium while the employee contributes approximately 25% of the premium through payroll deduction. Rates are adjusted
periodically to maintain the plans on a sound financial basis. Premiums are deducted from your payroll check
before federal, state, and FICA taxes are applied.

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Eligible employees and retirees may choose one of 2 health insurance plans:


PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

HMO (BlueChoice) Health Maintenance Organization

Health Plan enrollment
If you desire health insurance, you must enroll withinn 31 days of employment, or you may enroll during the annual open enrollment period for coverage to be effective the following January 1.

Changing your coverage
You may drop or change your coverage during the annual open enrollment period but at no other time during the year except when you experience an IRS approved change in family status.

Questions about the University System health insurance plans may be directed to the Human Resources Department at 912-356-2180 or to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia's dedicated customer service department at 1-800-424-8950.

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