Graduate Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Which graduate programs does SSU offer?
Graduate Programs

Q. How do I contact my Graduate Program Coordinator?
You can connect with Graduate Program Coordinators via email or phone.

Q. How do I contact my professor? 
You can access telephone numbers and office locations through the departmental directory.
View SSU's course schedule and click on the course title of the class you're interested in and you can see what textbook(s) you need to purchase.


Q. How do I apply to a program?
It's easy! Just apply online to a graduate program.

Q. I have questions about my application; who should I contact?
The Office of Graduate Studies
305 Fahm Street                                                                                                                                                    Phone: 912-358-3393


Q. I'm an admitted student; how do I find my advisor?
Advising for admitted students

Q. I'm not in a program yet, but need advising. Who do I speak to?
Each graduate program has a dedicated Program Coordinator.
Make an appointment today!

Courses and Registration

Q. Where do I find the complete course schedules, including dates, times and course descriptions?
Right here! Just click on a course title to read the course description.

Q. How do I register for classes?
Whether you're a new or returning student, you can find all of your options for registration by visiting Graduate Admissions page.

Q. How much do classes cost?
Total costs, including tuition and applicable fees.

Q. How do I pay for my classes?
Through the Cashier's Office.

Q. How do I drop a course or add a course?
The Important Documents page is a helpful resource that provides electronic forms for a range of requests. Students wishing to drop ALL of their courses in a given semester must call the Registrar's Office to do so; students wishing to drop courses, but not ALL courses, may do so using PAWS, or they may also call the Registrar's office for assistance. Deadlines apply for withdrawals and/or refunds, and changes in course load may affect financial aid eligibility.

Online Education

Q. Where can I get technical assistance for a course I'm currently taking?
Visit our Office of Online Education for information on online courses. While you're there You can also check out the Online FAQ and Strategies for Online Learning Success.
Can't find the answer to your question? Contact Dr. Frank Williams, Director of Online Education at 912-358-4161 or email him at

Policies and Forms

Q. Are there policies I need to know?
Academic Graduate Policies and Procedures

Q. Where can I find student forms?
Student Policies and Forms

Q. What is a student petition and how do I submit a request using the petition?
A student petition is to be used by students for requests of exceptions to policy and academic regulation due to extenuating circumstances. Submit completed petition forms to the appropriate offices.


Q. How do I find my way around campus?
The SSU University Map will help you locate any office or building on campus.

Q. I have disability issues – who do I contact for assistance and support?
Contact the Disability Resource Center located in the King Frazier Student Center, Suite 205.

Q. Where do I find tutoring assistance?
Increase your academic achievement with assistance from SSU's Tutorial Services and the SSU Writing Center.

Q. Where do I find out about veterans services?
Savannah State University's Department of Military Affairs Office and the Veteran Resource Center, located in the King-Frazier Student Center, strives to meet the needs of our veterans by providing the service and information necessary to support their educational goals.

Q. How do I access the library?
The Asa H. Gordon Library provides a full range of services to support our on- and off-campus students.

Q. Where can I get something to eat on campus?
Check out the menus and places to eat on campus.

Q. Where can I park, and where do I get a parking permit?
Information on Parking Permits

Q. Where do I get my student ID?
Obtain your SSU ID card at the ID Card Office

Q. How do I access my Savannah State University email?
Every Savannah State student, faculty, and staff member is provided with a university email account. Please use email responsibly and in a manner that makes it an effective form of communication.

Campus Tours

Q. How do I arrange a campus tour?
Visit our beautiful campus by clicking here.

Q. How do I arrange to speak with graduate faculty during my campus visit?
Click here

Contact Us
Office of Graduate Studies                                                                                                                                        305 Fahm Street