Graduate Assistantships

The Office of Graduate Studies offers a limited number of graduate assistantships for first-time master's degree seeking students interested in an opportunity to gain an academic experience that directly complements the student's degree program curriculum. Assistantships are diverse in nature and encompass a wide variety of responsibilities and duties while allowing students to also achieve their academic goals. Assistantships offer opportunities to work with faculty on research, assist faculty with instructional support, and/or be related to the student's clinical or fieldwork.

The Graduate Assistantship Program at Savannah State University is designed to promote the research and teaching responsibility of the university and to provide students with valuable professional development opportunities while he or she earns a degree. Therefore, the graduate assistantship involves the dual responsibilities of maintaining a satisfactory academic performance and of successfully performing the assigned teaching, research or other responsibilities.


To be eligible for a graduate assistantship, you must:

Expectations for graduate assistants

Graduate assistants receive a stipend and a tuition waiver scholarship


Graduate Assistant Application

Additional Information

Graduate Assistant Handbook

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The Office of Graduate Studies