Leadership Opportunities

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have at SSU is to take advantage of the many available leadership opportunities. Below are a few of the possibilities.

Resident Assistant (Traditional Halls) & Community Assistants (University Village)

These challenging positions are available to students interested in helping others and in developing a community on-campus. One of the best ways to develop leadership skills, build your resume and help others while having fun is to be a RA or CA. The RA or CA position is the backbone of the SSU Residential Living Program. If you are interested in becoming a RA or CA, please speak with your Residence Director for the necessary requirements.

Click here to read more about RA/CA positions.

Residence Hall Association

The Residencel Hall Association (RHA) is the central student governing unit for each of the residential facilities. The purpose of this organization is to identify and make known the needs of all on campus students, to seek improvements in the living environment, and to present programs that meet residents’ needs and interests. The RHA serves as the voice of the residents concerning Residential Living Policies & Procedures and life within the residential facilities. Every resident is encouraged to become a member of the RHA.

Center for Leadership & Character Development

The purpose of the Center is to develop student leadership and character through service-and problem-based learning and through a series of seminars, which incorporates a curriculum designed for students to acquire and apply concepts related to character, values, ethics, and civility. The Center is open to all students at the University.

Students involved in the Center, will:

Note: Additional information is available by contacting the Center for Leadership & Character Development at 912-358-3118 or visit their webpage by clicking this link.