RA/CA Position Continued

Resident/Community Assistants

Resident/Community Assistant are students who are successful in their college careers. There are usually one or two RA/CAs per floor, which they are responsible for. Each RA/CA has gone through a thorough selection process and an intensive training program. The RA/CA is a student and, just like residents, has classes and exams, activities, frustrations, strengths, and weaknesses. All RA/CAs are not alike and they shouldn't be. However, each RA/CA has accepted responsibility for doing a job that is sometimes difficult, sometimes demanding, but hopefully rewarding and fun.

Each RA/CA is responsible for enforcing departmental and university policies, as well as state and federal laws. This is a tough part of the RA/CA's job, but it's a part that all RA/CAs are expected to fulfill fairly and consistently. RA/CAs are not expected to police halls but they do deserve residents' respect and cooperation. The RA/CA is also responsible for a considerable amount of paperwork which must be done neatly and promptly. Being part of a team and helping provide opportunities for academic, social and cultural growth are also requirements of an RA/CA. The most important part of the RA/CA's job is helping the residents; and they have been trained so that they can answer questions, point students in the right directions, and be of assistance in many ways. Often the RA/CA may be someone just to talk to, and this is probably the part of the job that he or she likes best. Since the RA/CA is available and has received training, students are encouraged to take advantage of the ways that an RA/CA can help. RA/CAs must maintain a minimum grade point average, and are rehired each semester on the basis of their performance during the previous semester.

Residents are encouraged to make the effort to get to know their resident/community assistant, and to utilize his/her ability to be an advisor, a counselor or just a friend. To be an RA/CA includes keeping track of room assignments and changes, check-in and check-out information, renewals and maintenance. RA/CA's must serve as disciplinarians, and are responsible for enforcing policies and laws just as RA/CAs. They are trained to serve as information sources, and can usually help students find answers to questions about academics, the administration, etc. Additionally, RA/CA's serve as advisors to hall councils, and they provide an excellent opportunity for communication between residents and the central office. All resident/community assistants report to the Hall Director.