Faculty Quick Start Guide

Continuing Instruction and Assessment While Away from Campus
This page provides faculty with options to use D2L-Brightspace to deliver instruction and assessment remotely quickly. These instructions provide a quick start guide and are not meant to include all options and features of D2L-Brightspace.

The Guide to Online Teaching provides three options via your respective D2L account. Once you log in to D2L, these courses are listed under “Guide to Online Teaching in D2L.”



Providing Instruction

(The following hyperlinks offer step-by-step video instructions.)

In the event of a campus closure, instruction can be delivered through D2L-Brightspace.

  1. For username and password help
  2. Locate and Pin your courses.
  3. Upload your course syllabus per course.

Through D2L-Brightspace, lectures can be prerecorded and uploaded using the software in D2L or via YouTube; free software media tools are available.

To conduct live interactions between faculty and students, you will need meeting software:

Microsoft Teams is the primary user option and features video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, webinars, and cloud calling.

Recorded lectures can consist of:

Lecture Recording

To get started, review the following knowledge-based articles for instructions on recording and delivering lectures using D2L-Brightspace and Microsoft Teams.

Publish a Lecture in D2L-Brightspace


Assessment can be delivered through D2L-Brightspace. There are two recommended assessment options:

Using the Assignment or Quiz Features of D2L-Brightspace

Review the following knowledge-based articles for instructions on using the assignment or quiz features of D2L-Brightspace.

Create an Assignment
Grade an Assignment

Create a Quiz/Test/Exam with new questions
Set Quiz Restrictions 
Grade a Quiz

Instructional Software

The following applications should be installed on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device to prepare it to deliver instruction online.

Recommended for Live Sessions, if necessary.


Software Downloads

Software available through campus license can be found on the software download page.

Additional Resources

eCore Support for building classes

Association of Colleges and University Educators Toolkit


Keep Ga Teach


Getting Help

Password Resets
For password resets for students, go to eLearning information.

D2L Help Desk
Email – hoode@savannahstate.edu

After Hours Support

For after-hours, support is available 24\7. The D2L Help Center can address issues related to D2L-Brightspace.