Parking & Transportation


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Parking Restrictions for Inauguration Week 2013

Parking & Transportation

Please check this site frequently for regulation changes. Appeals are not granted on the basis of being unfamiliar with the regulations.

Please note that reserved parking spaces are now marked behind or beside the space. These spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you park in a reserved parking space that you have not purchased from the University, your vehicle will be ticketed, booted, and/or towed.

Parking Decal fees for 2013-2014:

  • Resident - $45 per year
  • Commuter - $43 per year
  • Faculty/Staff - $80 per year*
  • Reserved - $143 per year*

*may be paid for through payroll deduction (pdf)

Note: Employees hired or students coming on campus for the first time between January 1 and June 30, will be charged half-price for the decal. 

How do I get a parking decal?

Complete an online application for a parking decal. At the bottom of the application form, there will be an application number. Bring that number with you to the Cashier's office in Hill Hall for payment. See How to Apply for a Parking Decal for more information.

Where can I park?

Depending on your classification (resident, commuter, faculty/staff, or reserved), you will be given a specific decal color. You must park in a parking lot that has that decal color on the sign, curb, or asphalt. If you are a resident student, you must park in the parking lot closest to your residence hall. If you have a reserved space, you may park in any other legal spot on campus that is not another reserved spot. For additional information, please see our Parking Instructions document and Parking Brochure.

How is parking enforced?

Parking is enforced by Savannah State University's Departments of Auxiliary Services and Public Safety. Parking rules and regulations, decal and parking pass information, and the appeals process, are found in the linked document Parking Policies, Regulations, and Citation Appeals. This document was created by a committee representing students, faculty, staff, and administrators. This plan was created by a committee representing students, faculty, staff, and administrators. 

Parking Citation Description: Amount:
Blocking or Restricting Traffic $44.00
Improperly Displayed Decal $12.00
Parking in an Executive and/or Reserved Space $94.00
Parking in a Fire Zone / Hydrant $125.00
Parking in Front of a Dumpster $62.00
Parking in a Handicapped Area or Access $125.00
Parking in Unauthorized Areas $25.00
Parking on Yellow Curb, Grass or Sidewalk
Double Parking $44.00
Unregistered Vehicle/No Parking Decal $44.00
Booted Vehicle (plus owed fines) $44.00
Towed Vehicle $125.00
Parking Overnight in Limited Time Zone $19.00
Parking in Sweeping Zone $62.00
Parking the Wrong Way in Angled Space $25.00
Parking in a Manner that Takes Two Spaces $44.00


For assistance, please contact the Auxiliary Services Office at 912-358-3109