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Financial Aid

Welcome to the Savannah State University Office of Financial Aid's website. It is a pleasure serving you. At Savannah State University, we believe higher education should be available to everyone. The mission of the Office of Financial Aid is to help remove financial barriers to assist students in meeting the cost of attendance at Savannah State University.

Our efforts will be to provide resources for you to obtain your degree in the form of grants, employment, and student loans. We are committed to helping students find appropriate ways to finance the education. The Office of Financial Aid provides counseling and assistance in completing the financial aid application (FAFSA), evaluation and determination of need.

Due to limited funds in some programs, we are not always able to offer enough aid to meet each student's financial need. However, alternative sources of assistance may available to students.

The staff and I are working to streamline your application processing. However, on-time processing is a joint effort. You should start the application process as soon after January 1st as possible each year. This will allow us time to serve you better. The deadline to apply for financial aid assistance is:

The deadline to apply and submit all required documents is June 30th of that academic year. Use the links to the right under Financial Aid Menu to assist you in your college planning. You will find explanations of the programs of assistance as well as procedures for applying for financial aid. We would like to see you have an enjoyable stay and be prepared for the future endeavors with minimal debt, if any.

Overview of the Financial Aid Process

Myths About Financial Aid