Dining Services


We are pleased that you are visiting our site. Please read the welcome message from Thompson Hospitality, SSU's dining services partner, and learn about the dining services staff.

Where and When You Can Eat on Campus

We have three dining options on campus.

  • Tiger Dining Hall, King-Frazier Student Center
  • Tiger Express Diner
  • Student Union Food Court

Regular Operating Hours (FOR ALL LOCATIONS)

What You Can Eat

Events and Special Promotions

Sunday Dinner!

Our Sunday dinners are created with family and home in mind.  Our Chef has put together very special meals -- carved beef, ham, or turkey with all the trimmings.  Just like Mama and Grandmama used to make.

Meal Plans

Resident Meal Plans

All resident students at SSU are required to have a meal plan during Fall and Spring semesters. Meal plans for 2015-2016 are as follows:

20-meals-a-week (Optional for freshman resident students) - $1,972.00
15-meals-a-week + 200 dining dollars per semester (default for freshman residents) - $1,972.00
14-meals-a-week (Optional plan for all other resident students; may upgrade to 20-meals-a-week) - $1,407.00
10-meals-a-week + 200 dining dollars per semester (default for all other resident students) - $1,407.00

Freshman residents are those with fewer than 30 earned credit hours.

In order to choose a meal plan other than the one that you have been assigned, please use the Meal Plan Options Form.

Meal Plan changes must be made by 3:00 pm the first Friday after classes begin.

For further information about the meal plans, please see page 4 of the Auxiliary Services booklet.

Meal Plan Reductions and Medical Exception Information

Students with off-campus employment or a medical condition who cannot be accommodated by Dining Services may apply for a meal plan reduction at the Auxiliary Services Office (For meal plan reduction, review and sign the Off-Campus Employment & Medical Meal Plan Reduction Policy; and, complete, if applicable, the Physician Statement for Meal Plan Reduction/Exemption form).

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter meal plans are available for students who do not live on campus, but wish to take advantage of the plan savings and to have the meal plan charged to their student account.

Commuter meal plans are non-refundable and expire at the end of the semester.

  • 10-meals-per-semester - $70
  • 25-meals-per-semester - $171
  • 25-meals + 100 dining dollars-per-semester - $271
  • 50-meals-per-semester - $323
  • 100-meals-per-semester - $617

Faculty and Staff Meal Plans

Special meal plans have been created for Faculty and staff.

  • 10 Meals (One Semester Only)
  • 25 Meals (One Semester Only)
  • 25 meals + 100 dining dollars-- $290 (Academic Year)
  • 50 meals -- $340 (Academic Year)
  • 100 meals -- $665 (Academic Year)

This is a savings over the casual rate that is paid at the door. Instructions are on the Faculty/Staff Meal Plan Application form. All faculty/staff meal plans may be purchased at the Cashier's Office with cash, check, credit card, or by payroll deduction.

Catering at SSU

  • SSU Catering Services specializes in creative and exceptional catering presentations. Our Catering Guide is available for your review. Keep in mind that this is just a guide. Should your plans include items or selections not listed, we will be happy to customize menus for you
  • SSU has a Catering Guidelines and Standards in force at all times. Please familiarize yourself with the policy
  • All events that are to be charged to an SSU department or office must be accompanied by an Auxiliary Special Events Form

Questions or Comments

Please contact us if you have questions or comments about SSU Dining:

Joe Davis, Resident District Manager of Food Services, Thompson Hospitality

Jean Ann Caywood, Director of Auxiliary Services, Savannah State University

TBA, Manager of University Events, Savannah State University

Or Contact a member of the Food Services Committee