Office of
Auxiliary Services


The Auxiliary Services Department exists to provide products and services to students, staff, and faculty at Savannah State University, which enhance their University experience. This is realized through staffing processes and contractual relationships that focus on determining the needs of our customers and assuring that appropriate products and the best possible service are provided using available resources.

Inherent in the philosophy of the Auxiliary Services Department are the following values and processes:

  • Listening to customers to determine how they can best be served;
  • Focusing on excellence in service delivery timeliness, service quality, helpfulness of staff, friendliness of staff, competence of staff;
  • Regularly assessing the effectiveness of service delivery;
  • Regularly assessing the value of the service to our customers;
  • Ongoing financial review to assure that services meet their budget requirements.

Staff or contractors reporting to Auxiliary Services are responsible for the following: Dining Services (including meal plans), SSU Bookstore, Mail Center , Vending Services (snack, beverage), ID Card Office, Parking and Transportation, and Document Center . The services which are included in the Auxiliary Services restricted budget (Dining, Bookstore, Vending, and Parking and Transportation) are required by the State to be self-supporting, and therefore have components related to marketing and sales, as well as to service.

See our Auxiliary Services Frequently Asked Questions for additional information on operations and policies.

Who To Call For Assistance?



Who to Contact

New Phone Number

Bookstore Questions/Issues

Raymonda Banks, Manager, Validis Resources


Parking Enforcement/Appeals

Andre House, Tiffany Daniels, Robert Lemon

358-3111 or


Reserved Parking Requests/Parking Decal Questions

Tiffany Daniels


Reservation Requests

Motor Pool/Coach Bus

Antwan Smalls


Parking and Transportation Fees

Andre House


ID Cards (Including SSU Flex Funds and Building Card Access)

Norma Jean Barsh


Catering, Team Meals, Summer Group Meal Requests

Bobbie Owen


Dining Services Questions/Issues

Joe Davis, General Manager, Thompson Hospitality


Mail Center Questions/Issues

Crystal Capers , Site Supervisor, Canon.


Yellow Cards for Sending Mail

Barbara Schrock-Sturch 358-3110

Document Center Questions/Issues

Crystal Capers, Site Supervisor, Canon.


Service on or Toner for Your Department Copier

Document Center


Staples for Your Department Copier

Order from Xerox through e-procurement


Snack, Beverage, Machine Issues

Barbara Schrock-Sturch


Meal Plans:  Commuter, Staff/Faculty, Resident Meal Plan Reductions, Dining Dollar Questions

Norma-Jean Barsh


Donation Requests or Contract Questions

Barbara Schrock-Sturch


Troubleshooting or Escalation relating to mail, copy, bookstore, snack, beverage

Barbara Schrock-Sturch 358-3110

Troubleshooting or Escalation relating to Dining Services

Jean Ann Caywood


Auxiliary Services Technical Questions Norma-Jean Barsh 358-3068