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General Information

Social Security Card
Driver's License
Health Insurance

Credit Card
US Passport Photos


How to apply for a Social Security Card

The Social Security card is a document with a unique nine-digit number, used primarily for tax record-keeping purposes as well as for certain government benefits for citizens and permanent residents. It is used by employers to maintain payroll records and as a form of identification for the form I-9. The Social Security card in and of itself does not give you permission to work.

Due to recent policy changes at the Social Security Administration, only non-immigrants with valid work authorization are eligible to apply for a Social Security card. This policy includes the F-1 students.

In order to apply for a card, you must have the following:

  1. An unexpired passport
  2. An I-94 card (the small, white card in the passport, often stapled opposite the visa stamp)
  3. An I-20 form
  4. Written evidence of work permission from the FSO or the INS
  5. A LaGuardia identification card or other form of photo ID
  6. A letter from the FSO advisor.

The processing time is approximately two to three weeks. The card will be mailed to you at the address you give on the application. If you want a receipt, you must ask for it when you apply for the card.

Driver's License

Always take the time to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to acquire the latest information on items needed to obtain a Driver's license. Here is a site that will help you practice for the Georgia Driver's Exam.


Due to the high cost of renting and utility bills, the International Student Association recommend staying at one of Savannah State University's Resident Halls. At the University Village, International Students get first preference to rooms with a stove and dishwasher.

Health Insurance

All international Students can contact Katina Stewart for information on health insurance.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be obtained from banks, charge-cards companies, and financial organizations. Some will charge an annual fee, some will charge interest and some may charge both. The interest rate charged on your purchases can be high, so be be aware of your spending. (If you intend to pay the entire balance at the end of each month, then you will not want a no-fee card. If you are going to extend payment, then you want a card with low interest rate). You may have to wait as much as six months from the time you apply to be issued a credit card

US Passport Photos

This is a new Department of State link outlining photo requirements for
U.S. passports and U.S. visas:

Click here to go to the link!




The international Student Association strives to provide information to newly enrolled international students. We provide this information to make adjustments to the college life a more pleasurable experience.