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Events Calendar



      August 13th 15th  New Student Orientation

      August 18th September 4th  Recruitment Initiative


      September 7th  First meeting

      September 11th  Official induction of new members

      September 18th  Second meeting

      September 21th  Fund Raiser

      September 26th ISA event * Flag Party


      October 2rd  Third meeting

      October 5th Homecoming preparations * Cook Out

      October 16th Fund Raiser

      October 16th Fourth meeting

      October 19th 25th  Homecoming preparation and Community Service

      October 30th  Fifth meeting, ISA event * Halloween Party


      November 13th  Sixth meeting, deciding on Graduation/ End of Semester Banquet

      November 24th 30th  Thanks Giving


      December 4th Seventh meeting * Last meeting

      December 5th  Banquet

Note: Events are subject to change


Here are just a few events suggested for the Semester. All events are to be constructed and completed by the members associated. To place responsibility for the completion of these events, committees are created and given specific instructions of their duties.