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The Constitution

The Duties of the Executive Committee as detailed in the International Student Association.



1.      Be responsible to the general membership of the ISA for the efficient and orderly operation of the ISA, and uphold the principles espoused in the ISA Constitution and its By-laws.

2.      Ensure that each member of the Executive Committee is acquainted with and carries out his or her duties.

3.      Convene meetings at least monthly.

4.      Preside at all ISA meetings and shall sign the minutes thereof.

5.      Ensure that no unauthorized expenditures are made out of ISA funds.

6.      Ensure that a replacement is appointed for any other member of the Executive Committee during their absence and ensure that such replacement is acquainted with and carries out the duties thereof.

7.      Ensure that the Vice-President assumes the Presidents duties in the absence of the President.

8.      Ensure that sufficient arrangements are made for the quarterly preparation of the financial statements; and

9.      All members of the Executive Committee must have a minimum of three office hours per week. This schedule shall be posted on the door of the ISA office.


 1.      Assume the duties of the President as outlined in Annex “B” when the Latter is absent.

 2.      Perform any other duties the President may require of him or her.

 3.      Be responsible to the President for the organization of all ISA functions.

 4.      Prepare all long and short-term improvement programs for the orderly and efficient operation of the ISA.

 5.      Be responsible for the formation of any and all appropriate sub-committees.


 1.    Arrange for the safe deposit of all funds received by the ISA

 2.    Inspect that suitable arrangements have been made for the handling and safekeeping of cash and stock.

 3.    Report any irregularities or shortages found during the preparation of any and all financial statements to the President.

 4.    Collect subscriptions and other receivables on the due date or as promptly as possible. He or she will use a triplicate receipt book for the purposes of giving the original to the payer. The Treasurer will retain the remaining copies for accounting purposes 

 5.    Ensure that all the bills for goods and services purchased by the ISA are paid promptly.

 6.    Advise the President of the readiness of the books of account and financial statements for audit.

 7.    Perform other such duties as required by the president.

 8.    All members of the Executive Committee must have a minimum of three office hours per week. This schedule shall be posted on the door of the ISA office.


1.     Record the proceedings of all meetings in the minute book, sign it, and pass it to the President after each meeting.

2.     Be responsible for the safe custody of the meeting book

3.     Maintain an up-to-date copy of the Constitution and its by-laws.

4.     Ensure that each member of the ISA is provided with a copy of the constitution and by-laws and pass copies of amendments to all members as soon as possible after the amendments are approved.

5.     Maintain an up-to-date record of all members including their name, address, telephone number and membership number.

6.     Maintain an appropriate filing system for all ISA correspondence and documents.

7.     Ensure that all ISA property, including merchandise is kept adequately insured.

8.     Notify the President of his or her proposed absence when that absence may be for a prolonged period and ensure that his or her replacement is briefed in the necessary duties.

9.     Perform other such duties as required by the President.


  1. Act as a liaison between the club and the external campus community.
  2. Assist the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and secretary in the day-to-day activities necessary for the efficient and orderly operation of the ISA.
  3. Perform other such duties as required by the President


The Constitution of the Internatinal Student Association

Short Title

1.  This constitution may be cited as the CONSTITUTION OF THE International Student Association 2003-2004.


 2.      In this Constitution,

a)  “ISA” refers to International Student Association.

b)  “Constitution” refers to the rules and regulations, by-laws and other instructions governing the ISA and voted on by the majority of the ISA membership in accordance with existing guidelines.

c)  “Executive Committee” refers to the senior most elected or appointed representatives.  This includes the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Advisor, and the Public Relations Officer of the ISA.



3.      The aim of the International Student Association (ISA) is to provide a meeting place for the students, faculty, and staff of Savannah State University with a common interest in International Affairs and International Culture.


4.   A)  Membership in the ISA is open to any student, faculty member, staff, and alumni of Savannah State University (or any other accredited Georgia University) without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, or mental/physical disability.

B)     The ISA will strictly adhere to the aforementioned policy of fairness and equality among its members and will ensure that any violations of the criteria outlined above are immediately rectified.

C)    Membership criteria are outlined in Annex ‘A’ of this Constitution.

D)    A membership cut-off period should be set for January 31st of the current year.

The Executive Committees

5.    A)     The Executive Committee of the ISA shall be responsible for the efficient and orderly administration and management of the Club and its resources.

        B)    The duties and responsibilities of the Committee members are detailed in Annex ‘B’ to ‘F’ of this Constitution.                                                     

       C)    Special committees of a non-continuing nature may be formed as required and at the discretion of the Executive Committee.                               

        D)    Any member of the current executive committee is limited to a two-year in the same position.                                                                       


6.   A)    ISA meetings shall be convened under the authority of the Executive Committee to consider financial affairs of the Club, as well as other related business affecting the administration of the ISA.

B)    ISA meetings will be convened twice monthly unless otherwise stated.

C)    An extra-ordinary general meeting of the ISA membership may be convened at the request of:

                           I)       The President

                           II)      The Vice-President

                          III)      The signed request of 25 percent of the ISA membership.

D)    An agenda for general meetings, compiled by the Secretary, shall be posted on the ISA LISTSERV at least 2 days prior to the announced date of the meeting.

E)     A general meeting or an extra-ordinary meeting of the ISA will not be considered valid unless a quorum is present. However, the President may authorize the percentage of the ISA membership present to form a quorum.

F)     All general and extra-ordinary meetings of the ISA shall adhere to the following agenda:

I)             Call to order

II)            Approval of the agenda

III)           Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting

a.       Approval

b.       Matters arising

IV)           Any items held over from the previous meeting

V)            New items for which notice has been given

VI)           Reports from the Executive Committee and Sub-committees, on actions taken since the last meeting

VII)          Other business

VIII)         Motions for consideration at the next meeting

IX)           Adjournment


7.         A)     A motion may be made by any member of the ISA.

 B)        All motions must be made in verbally or in writing (not required) to the president of the ISA before any meeting is called to order

C)        The procedure for moving a motion is as follows:

I)       A motion cannot be moved when another motion of the same type, or a motion of higher precedence, is under active consideration by the meeting

II)       An intended mover must wait until recognized by the Chair

III)      When so recognized, the mover states the motion

IV)      If it is in order, the Chair will call for the motion to be seconded

V)       No further action is taken if a motion is not seconded

VI)      A motion which has been properly moved and seconded is  read to the meeting by the Chair and recorded for the  minutes

VII)     This motion can only be withdrawn by its movers with the unanimous consent of the meeting

VIII)    If a motion is considered to be frivolous, irrelevant, unwise, or against the stated purpose of the organization, a member may appeal against its consideration. Approval of this appeal is by a two-thirds majority vote in the negative, in response to the question “Is the motion to be considered?”



A)       Any member of the ISA may run for a position on the ISA Executive Committee.

B)       All nominees, nominators and voters must be registered members of the   ISA.

C)       Elections for the executive committee will be held annually. No Executive Committee shall sit past May 8th of the academic year in which they were elected.

D)        The procedure for nominations and elections are as follows:

I)          Approximately two months before the date of the election, an election committee (to be appointed by the executive committee) will inform the membership of all vacant positions for officers

II)         To be nominated as a candidate a member must submit a nomination form, containing the signature of at least two nominators

E)           In the event that all positions are not filled during the elections, a by-election will be held at the start of the following academic year.

I)        Any current member of the ISA may run in a by-election. In order to do so, the perspective candidate must submit in writing to the ISA executive committee their intent to fill the vacant position.

II)       All submissions for vacant positions must be handed in to the ISA office no later than one week following the announcement of the available position(s).

III)      In the event that there is only one candidate interested in each position he/she will be acclaimed.

IV)      Two current executive members before submission must sign all submissions received.


 9.       A)       All registered members of the ISA are entitled to vote in general elections.

B)        Voting will be conducted by secret ballot.

C)       The results of the election will be posted outside the ISA office no later than 1200hrs (12 pm) on the day following a general election.

D)       In the event of a tie the Elections Committee will immediately inform the current Executive Committee as well as the membership of the situation and set a date, not to exceed two weeks (14 days) from the date of the general election, for a run-off election.

E)       In the event of a close vote the chairman of the Elections Committee shall order a recount of all ballots.

Impeachment Procedures

10.     A)    Any member of the Executive Committee may be impeached if they violate the Constitution of the ISA or act in any way that is deemed prejudicial to the orderly operation of the ISA. This would include speaking on behalf of the ISA and its membership without prior authorization from the President or the Vice-President of the ISA.

        B)     Impeachment procedures are as follows:

I)        A motion for impeachment may be made by any member of the ISA

II)       If the motion is seconded, the impeachment process begins

III)      The parties in question will state their cases in an executive meeting

IV)      The remaining executive committee will collaborate and vote to make a decision on the matter

V)       After a decision has been made, a summary will be delivered to the general membership at the next general meeting

C)      The dismissed member has the right to appeal his/her impeachment within seven academic days of the impeachment proceedings.




A)  Amendments to this Constitution and its By-Laws must be passed by a 2/3-majority vote of the general membership at a ISA meeting.      

B)  All amendments to this Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee at least one week prior to a general meeting. All amendments must include the following:

I)                The current provision.

II)               The amendment.

III)              The reason(s) for the amendment.

IV)              The signature of at least ten members.

C)  All amendments to the Constitution shall be considered and voted upon only once annually, at the ISA meeting held in February. All amendments voted upon at the meeting must have had one reading at a previous ISA meeting.

 Conflict Of Interest

12.       Any member of the Executive Committee will be considered guilty of conflict of interest if, either for himself/herself or some other person(s), attempts to promote a private or personal interest which results or appears to result in the following:

I)       An interference with the objective exercise of his/her duties in the ISA.

a.       No executive member on the ISA shall be an executive member of another Savannah State University Club committee.

II)       A gain or an advantage by virtue of his or her position in the ISA.

Not Withstanding Clause

14.      Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, any and all powers not detailed in the aforementioned Constitution reside in the office of the Executive Committee.








1.                  Any member of the association may enjoy the rights and privileges of membership in the International Student Association.

2.                  The Executive Committee may suspend membership in the ISA if the member in any way violates the rules of conduct as outlined in the ISA Constitution and its Annexes.

3.                  The name of anyone refused or barred privileges of the ISA shall be announced at the first possible general meeting; thus ensuring that the suspended member does not interfere with the orderly operation of the ISA or any of its functions.

4.                  Events and functions are priority to ISA members. All guests of members are welcome at ISA meetings and functions; however it is the duty of the member to be responsible for the actions of his/her guest. The member will be financially responsible for any damages caused by themselves or their guests.

5.                  All members are responsible for keeping current with the activities of the ISA.

6.                  Membership in the ISA is subject to termination if the member’s conduct is deemed, in any way, to be prejudicial to the efficient and orderly operation of the ISA.


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