Kennedy Fine Arts Building

Pictured: The Class of 1900
Front row, left to right: M. L. Whitmire, R.R. Wright (President), O. C. Suggs, (Vice President), E. W. Bisard Back row, left to right: J.W.G. Haigler, F.A. Fields (Class Vice President), E. W. Houstoun (Class President), S. A. Grant (Class Secretary), E. McIntosh (Class Treasurer), E. A. Overstreet
Photo Source: Savannah State University Archives, Asa H Gordon Library

Founders Day

Thursday, November 12, 2020
9:30 a.m.

Each year Savannah State University takes a day to recognize those who have served the school and made its foundation stronger. The annual observance celebrates the history of the institution and those who have contributed to its success. The ceremony includes a guest speaker and the presentation of awards to members of the community.

The live stream may be viewed online by visiting:

Speaker: William T. Simmons, Ph.D., (c/o '98)

simmons-small.jpg This year's speaker is SSU alumnus William T. Simmons, Ph.D., (c/o ‘98), district court administrator for the Sixth Judicial Administrative District of Georgia---the first African American to hold this position and the first African American to be president of the Georgia Council of Court Administrators. Dr. Simmons continues his commitment and dedication to SSU today by serving as board member for the SSU Foundation, chairman of the SSU Foundation’s Athletics Committee, and chairman of Legislative Affairs for the SSU National Alumni Association.