Requirements for Graduation

General Degree and Graduation Requirements for the Undergraduate Degree

Steps Toward Graduation

Notification of intent to graduate:
Schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss degree completion requirements.

Complete an Application for Graduation form and submit to the Registrar's Office by the deadline of your graduating term. Application for Graduation forms are located online or in most academic departments. The cost to apply for graduation is $50.00. Also, the form must be typewritten.

Graduation application deadline:
February 15th - Spring Graduation

September 15th - Fall Graduation

Completion of SSU degree requirements at another institution:
If you intend to complete degree requirements at another institution, it is your responsibility to insure that an “official” transcript reflecting courses and grades earned arrives in the Registrar's Office. If you are enrolling in courses at another institution during your last term before graduation, all transcripts must be submitted by SSU's last day of class. It is your responsibility to inform the instructor of your graduating senior status and provide him/her with grade submission dates.

Graduation status:
All applicants receive a letter from the Registrar's Office indicating the status of their application for graduation. This letter will indicate any incomplete degree requirements and instructions on the appropriate action to take. If your letter contains incomplete degree requirements you are encouraged to talk with your advisor immediately.

Participation in commencement:
We try very hard to inform you prior to commencement if you have not met requirements for graduation. Participating in the ceremony is not a guarantee of graduation. However, we do everything we can to prevent this situation from occurring.

Graduating with honors:
Honors are awarded to you from your previous semester and based on your Total Institution GPA at graduation. You must meet all requirements for graduation in order to be eligible. For honors designations and GPA requirements please refer to undergraduate catalog.

Incompletes and graduation:
All requirements must be satisfied prior to graduation. No degree will be conferred with an incomplete (I) on the student's record.

Official SSU transcripts with degree status:
Official transcripts, with degree information and date conferred are available approximately 2 weeks after graduation. There is no charge for the first two transcripts.

Commencement Instructions

Important Dates

Graduation Forms

Requirements for Graduation