University Commons

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Cordera Jennings ,

Residential Director

Earl Yarbrough, Jr. ,

Residential Director

Savannah State University
Savannah, GA
Purchased in 2007

Beds: 705

Unit Types: 
3 Bedroom Units: 2 standard rooms (shared bath), 1 master room (private bath)
2 Bedroom Units: 2 standard rooms (shared bath)
1 Bedroom Unit (private Bath)

  • Computer Lab/ Study Area
  • Study Area
  • Landscaped Courtyards
  • Unlimited Laundry
  • Surveillance camera system
  • Full Kitchen

The University Commons has 47 buildings similar to the image above. A 48th building serves as the office for the property and holds the computer lab for residents to use. The apartments are town house style with a full kitchen and common area on the bottom floor and the bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floor. The rooms come fully furnished with height-adjustable twin size beds, closets, desk with seat, and two stackable dressers. High speed internet connections are available in all rooms (Ethernet cable needed). Wireless internet access is available for 100% of the living area (Free access to all SSU Students).


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