Mission of Savannah State University:

As a unit of the University System of Georgia, Savannah State University offers nationally accredited programs in liberal learning, sciences, fine arts, and the professions. The University is committed to the development of leaders and high quality instruction, supported by scholarship, research, and environmental enrichment with emphasis on the African-American heritage and culture and international interaction.

Vision (Abridged)

Our great institution was founded upon the principle of “adding value” to the lives of former slaves. Today, it is imperative that we remember the sacrifices made and the ideals our forefathers believed in and practiced over the years. The leaders and faculty of Georgia State Industrial College for Colored Youth (now Savannah State University) believed that education and self worth were keys to a productive and successful life.  While they lacked material wealth and were given very few tools to work with, they believed that love and caring were important and necessary in the educational process and that such attributes would lead one to a rewarding and professional career and potentially a position of leadership in our society.  Our institution has a longstanding history of creating enormous value that has made a difference to its people.

School of Teacher Education's Mission

The primary mission of School of Teacher Education is to prepare teachers with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to serve the diverse educational needs of students in grades 6-12. The School of Teacher Education emphasizes efficient and successful teaching practices, policies, and procedures based on state and national standards to enhance efficiency of academic achievement of all Pre K-12 students. To fulfill this mission: SOTE faculty will design, deliver, evaluate and continuously improve programs for teachers through advanced graduate and professional levels; SOTE  faculty will be influenced by, and promote the reciprocal relationship between scholarship and practice; SOTE faculty will collaborate with colleagues across the campus and in other professional and community settings as partners in the mission; and, SOTE faculty will provide leadership in teaching, learning, assessment, and professional development for diverse community within and outside the University.