Disability and Counseling Center


The Office of Counseling and Disability Services (CDS) provides free, confidential, personal counseling and support to all students at SSU. We know that college life is a transitional period marked by change, pressure and stress. Therefore, our goal is to help students understand this period, find ways of coping and grow from their experiences.


Counseling Learning Outcomes:

Students who receive counseling services should, upon completion of required sessions be:

•Able to do positive and realistic self appraisal

•Able to recognize triggers and obstacles that hamper goal achievement

•Able to demonstrate healthy help seeking behaviors

•Able to develop personal goals and objectives to address problems or concerns

•Able to articulate what confidentiality is and identify at least one exemption to absolute confidentiality

•Able to use at least one community resource

•Linked to appropriate referral services as needed

•Able to learn how to choose behaviors and environments that promote health and reduce risk

•Able to identify personal skills and strengths to use in problem solving


Counseling Center Staff:

Director of Student Development., Jacqueline Awe, LMSW




Seketa Bing-Nelson, MA Counseling Professional




Kimberley Simon, LCSW Counseling Professional