How Do I...Book a Flight?

Savannah State University uses Summit Cruise & Travel to secure flights. If you would like the Procurement Office to purchase your flight, please call Maria at 912-961-0979 to get a price quote. Then prepare your Travel Authorization Form indicating the amount of the flight. It would be wise to add about $100 to the price quoted to allow for any price fluctuation that may occur during the process. Once you have received your approved travel authorization form back, call Maria at Summit Cruise & Travel to reserve your flight with the authorization number issued on your form. Maria will then call Pamela Fulwood, Buyer II in the Procurement Office to verify and authorize the charge. Your ticket will be an electronic ticket. You can get the ticket confirmation number from Maria and go to to print your itinerary and your ticket if you chose. Your ticket can also be printed at the airport kiosks the day of your flight.