Title III Directory

Title III Office Staff

Andrews, Dedra N.

Director, Title III
Program Administration & Evaluation
Program Administration (SAFRA)
Hill Hall Bldg. #213
Box 20432
Tel: 358-4061
Fax: 358-3668
email: andrewsd@savannahstate.edu


Swain-Gilliard, LaTashia

Program Specialist, Title III

Program Administration & Evaluation

Program Administration (SAFRA)

Hill Hall Bldg. #215

Box 20432

Tel: 358-4061

Fax: 358-3668

email: gilliardl@savannahstate.edu

Activity Directors

Awe, Jacqueline

Director, Student Development

Career Retention & Coaching Track

King Frazier Student Center #228

Box 20524

Tel: 358-3114

Fax: 358-3615

email: awej@savannahstate.edu


Bell, Dr. Felicia

Director, Honors Program/Assistant Professor, History

Honors Program

Social Science Bldg. #257

Box 20389

Tel: 358-3255

Fax: 358-3756

email: bellf@savannahstate.edu


Best, Dr. Sandra
Assistant VP, Human Resources & Professional Development
Organizational Training & Development
Colston Admin. Bldg. #120
Box 20601
Tel: 358-4194
Fax: 691-6284
email: bestsm@savannahstate.edu

Cohen, Michael

Lecturer, Health Education

Aqua Paws: Swimming Instruction Program (SAFRA)

Tiger Arena Bldg. #1085

Box 20271

Tel: 358-3442

Fax: 358-3943

email: cohenm@savannahstate.edu


Cole, Phillip

Director of Development

Building University Capacity

Gardner Hall Bldg.

Box 20439

Tel: 358-3062

Fax: 358-3665

email: colep@savannahstate.edu


Dean, Patrick
STEM 360 Program Assistant
STEM 360
Hubert Technology- B Bldg. #216
Box 20394
Tel:  358-3295
Fax: 358-3796
email: deanp@savannahstate.edu

Gentry, Dr. April

Director, CAS/Associate Professor, English

Strengthening the Center for Academic Success

Whiting Hall Bldg. #252

Box 20428

Tel: 358-3488

Fax: 358-3834

email: gentrya@savannahstate.edu

Jolley, Edward
Vice President, Business & Financial Affairs
Development of a Student Financial Literacy Program
Hill Hall Bldg. #328
Box 20419
Tel: 358-3000
Fax: 358-3516

email: jolleye@savannahstate.edu


Lloyd, Wanda
Chair, Mass Communications
Mass Communication: Student Media Center & Learning Laboratory (SAFRA)
Kennedy Fine Arts Bldg. #214
Box 20634
Tel:  358-3376
Fax: 358-3877
email: lloydw@savannahstate.edu

Assistant Director, Plant Operations
Academic Improvements through Building Renovations & Expansion

Enhance Instructional Facilities through Renovations & Repairs (SAFRA)

Evers Physical Plant Bldg. #100
Box 20599
Tel: 358-4370
Fax: 358-4850
email: loweryr@savannahstate.edu


Marriott, Dr. Karla Sue

Assistant Professor

Forensic Science Program Development (SAFRA)

Drew Griffith Bldg. #224

Box 20600

Tel: 358-4454

Fax: 358-4957

email: marriottk@savannahstate.edu

Men and Women of Excellence Mentoring Program

Activty Director: TBA


Mosley, Dr. Keenya

Assistant Professor

Enhancing the School of Teacher Education Program

Morgan Hall Bldg. #127

Box 20275

Tel: 358-4204

Fax: 358-4707


Singleton, Naomi

Systems Security Manager
Integrated Communications Technologies
Hammond Hall Bldg. #102
Box 20387
Tel: 358-4413
Fax: 358-4916
email: singletonn@savannahstate.edu


Yount, Lisa

Director, QEP/Associate Professor of Philosophy

Achieving Academic Excellence through the Quality Enhancement Plan

Whiting Hall Bldg. #126

Box 20345

Tel: 358-3328

Fax: 358-3829

email: yountl@savannahstate.edu