Patrol Division

patrol image
The Patrol Division is the foundation of the Savannah State University Police Department. This Division consist of 3 (three) shifts, rotating 24 hour a day, 365 days a year. Uniformed officers may patrol in a vehicle, on foot, or on bicycles, depending on their assignments. All officers are responsible for responding to calls for assistance, protecting life and property, writing detailed reports on their findings, and conducting follow-up investigations. The officers are certified through the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T), and are trained to be professional and courteous as they perform their duties. As sworn law enforcement officers, they are vested with the powers of arrest and are armed.

Our uniformed patrol officers are the first to respond to emergency calls on campus. They work a 8 (eight) hour shift commanded by the Deputy Chief Keith Hayes and are immediately supervised by a Corporal, who works in the capacity of the watch supervisor. Each shift consist of 1 Corporal and, at a minimum, 2 (two) officers. While performing patrol functions, the officers aggressively conduct community oriented policing while maintaining high visibility to maximize university presence as a deterrent to crime.