Savannah State University's Hill Hall

Chief Information Officer

About the Office
The Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Savannah State University reports to the President of the University.  The CIO serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet under the leadership of Dr. Cheryl Dozier.


The Office of the Chief Information Officer

  • Has executive responsibility for the Information Technology Services, Academic and Administrative Computing, Telecommunication, and Network and Data Services for the campus
  • Works closely with the President, Executive Leadership & Cabinet, Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Provides leadership and fosters collaboration among various IT leaders across campus
  • Communicates and updates the strategic Technology vision for the campus
  • Monitors progress of overall enterprise IT initiatives
  • Ensures that the governing Information Technology Committee operates in an effective and coordinated manner.

Mailing Address
Office of the Chief Information Officer
P.O. Box 20387
Savannah, GA 31404

Please share your thoughts, make suggestions and ask questions.  What can be done with IT to improve your experience on campus?

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