Marine Science Outreach

Outreach to Local Schools and Teaching Experiences

SSU Marine Science students reinforce their scientific knowledge by teaching younger students. In recent years, all Marine Science students have graduated with teaching experience through outreach incorporated within their course requirements. Undergraduate students each year gain extra experience in teaching and outreach preparation through the NSF GK-12 Outreach Internship. Several undergraduate and graduate students are hired each year to serve as camp instructors in the month long NOAA LMRCSC Ocean Literacy summer camp for Savannah children. Up to 8 graduate fellowships are awarded each year through the NSF GK-12 Program to enhance the communication skills of young graduate scientists. The GK-12 Fellows contribute 10 hours per week of instruction in local schools with the goal of infusing local research and locally relevant issues into Savannah classrooms. Their presence facilitates more hands-on science instruction in the classroom setting. This year, our fellows are working at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, Thunderbolt Elementary, the STEM Academy, Beach High School, and Groves High School.


I’m Not a Student at SSU Yet, but I’d Like to Get Involved.
What Can I Do?

  • High school seniors should apply for the NOAA CSC Geosciences Bridge Program during the summer.
  • Participate in the NOAA LMRCSC Coast Camp each summer.
  • Volunteer to help collect data for the Phytoplankton Monitoring Network at the SSU dock.

For more information on Marine Science outreach programs and Coast Camp contact:

Victoria Young

SSU Box 20228

3219 College Street

Savannah, Georgia 31404

Phone: 912-358-4291