Enrollment trends and Graduates List with Student Outcomes Data
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Graduates List with Student Outcomes Data are listed below.

First Last Degree Year Post graduate activities
1 Guy Gowens B.S. 1985 Earned M.S. degree in Coastal Zone Management from the U. West FL
2 Jacob Richardson B.S. 1985 Biologist, Waddell Mariculture Research and Development Center, South Carolina
3 Polly Holland (Andrews) B.S. 1987 Technician Idaho State Laboratory
4 Ken Gordon B.S. 1987 Technical Manager, Chemtal Co. Inc., Riceboro GA 
5 Dwight Temples B.S. 1988 Safety Manager, Atlanta
6 Layton Barnard B.S. 1989 Comissioned as officer in U.S. Navy, entered flight school
7 Pam Dobson (Manders) B.S. 1989 Fish Biologist, USDA Forest Service, Price River, UT
8 Dwayne Roberson B.S. 1990 Fisheries Biologist, Coastal Resources Division, Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
9 Kenny Tate B.S. 1990  
10 Terrence Wimberly B.S. 1990  
11 Michelle Booth B.S. 1991  
12 Randy Pitts B.S. 1991 Science Teacher, Johnson H.S. Savannah, GA
13 Elisabeth Brinson B.S. 1992 U.S. Armed forces
14 Dionne Hoskins B.S. 1992 Ph.D. in Marine Sciences, University of South Carolina December 1999, NOAA Fishery Biologist
15 Ricardo Lattimore B.S. 1992 Biologist, National Fisheries Research Center, Gainsville FL
16 Shari Wolson B.S. 1992 Entered Nova University, FL M.S. degree program
17 Bratton Wright B.S. 1992  
18 Christine Dean  (Craig, Forseth) B.S. 1993 Employed at UGA Shellfish Laboratory, Skidaway Island, for 3 years
19 Corey Bentley B.S. 1994 Flight School U.S. National Guard
20 Nancy Albers B.S. 1994

Master's candidate at the University of South Carolina School of Library and Information Science

21 Kai Bonner B.S. 1995 Emplyed in a clinical laboratory in Maitland, FL
22 Darla Crosby B.S. 1995 Science Teacher, Johnson H.S. Savannah, GA
23 Angie Amerson B.S. 1995
Environmental Chemist, Inspectorate Inc. Garden City, GA, Sept. 2001 Waddell Mariculture RDC Biologisty
24 Kelvin Austin B.S. 1995
Teaching in Atlanta, deceased from cancer August 2003'
25 Albert George B.S. 1995
M.S. degree, Science and Technology Policy, Kennedy School, Harvard Univ., Ph.D. Program GA Tech, Director of Education, The Georgia Aquarium
26 Sharelle Parrish B.S. 1995
27 Patrice King B.S. 1995
Employed in environmental science/education, Bahamas
28 Daniel Kalson B.S. 1996 Commissioned Officer, U.S. Marines, Major, Atlanta
29 Shannon Smith B.S. 1996 D.V.M. University of Florida, now in Atlanta
30 Virginia Griesbach B.S. 1996 Fisheries Biologist, Seattle, WA
31 James Lilliewood B.S. 1996 Accepted/in M.S. degree program The London International Film School
32 Richard Kupfer B.S. 1996 NOAA Fisheries Biologist, NMFS, Honolulu HI 2005, Biologist at UGA Shellfish Research Laboratory, Skidaway Island, GA
33 Raymond Moore B.S. 1996 Fisheries Observer, Seattle, WA 96-98, NMFS enforcement, Dutch Harbor AK
34 Jason Floyd B.S. 1997 Gulfstream Aerspace Corp., Savannah, GA
35 Robert Johnson B.S. 1997 Completed M.P.A, Univ. S. Alabama
36 Roderick Lindsey B.S. 1997 Commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy, teachers aide MBI Corpuscristi elemntary, Flight School NASCC
37 Ginni Ennis B.S. 1997
AP Env. Sci. $ Advanced Biology Science Teacher, Jenkins H.S. Savannah, GA
38 Timothy Estes B.S. 1997
39 Bryant Ham B.S. 1997
40 Jahsef/Dean Marshall B.S. 1997
D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University School of Chiropractic. 
41 Roderick Mitchell B.S. 1997
Officer - Armed Forces
42 Torie Wesby B.S. 1997
employed at the Atlanta Zoo. Dian Fossey Fund
43 Nichole Barksdale B.S. 1998  
44 Algene Byrum B.S. 1998 Environmental Protection Specialist, US Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
45 Damien Danavall B.S. 1998 Environmental consultant, Atlanta, wife 2 kids, now at CDC
46 Dwight Ebanks B.S. 1998 Commisioned Officer - Armed Forces, applied to M.S. Marine Sciences degree program Savannah State University. 
47 Christopher (Teeple) Hill B.S. 1998  
48 Monique Hill B.S. 1998  
49 Catia Jackson B.S. 1998 SSU assistant Coach, Chatham Co. Schools
50 Kerstin Kneier B.S. 1998 Veterinary assistant, Extractions supervisor, Premier Laboratories, Killingly CT
51 Payne Steven B.S. 1998 accepted/in program Georgia State University
52 Tamica Rahming B.S. 1998 Marine Biologist, Sting Ray City, Bahamas, I am attending the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. MS degree. Working for a Pharmaceutical Agency. Director of Parks and Science, Bahamas National Trust
53 Koji Wright B.S. 1998 Aquaculturist, Nassau, Bahamas '99-'02, Fisheries Officer/Biologist (research database manager), Department of
Marine Resources, Nassau, Bahamas '00-present
54 Michael Binstock B.S. 1998
forensic pathology assistant GBI Atlanta, Completed Physisian Assitant program South University, employed in Baltimore, MD
55 Sue Chaplin B.S. 1998
applied M.S. degree program Colorado State Univ./Savannah State University
56 Nikki Gunter B.S. 1998
57 David Wood B.S. 1998
Aquaculture Facilities Manager, Alltech, Lexington, KY 2006
58 Dana Davis B.S. 1999 environmental laboratory analyst
59 Jennifer Knighton B.S. 1999 Applying to several M.S. degree programs 2000
60 Ayana McCoy B.S. 1999 Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Univ. of Florida 2004
61 Vanessa Olivera B.S. 1999 NOAA, NMFS, Miami Lab. Marine Mammals Program, Applying to M.S. degree programs
62 Shunder Simmons B.S. 1999 Biologist, Chatham Co. Mosquito Control
63 Severn Stevens III B.S. 1999 Comissioned Officer, armed forces
64 Franklin Berry B.S. 1999
SCUBA diving Instructor, Savannah, GA
65 Benny Givins B.S. 1999
Enviromental Specialist in Gwinnett County working for the State of Georgia 2/01
66 Robert Rahming Jr. B.S. 1999
Dophin trainer, Dolphin Encounters Inc.Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas Now Nursing AASU, 
67 Patrick Swearingen B.S. 1999
68 Kevin Barnes B.S. 2000 Environmental Protection Specialist, USEPA, Atlanta, GA From: "Kevin Barnes" <> I'm now working as an intern for 8-months, as a environmental protection specialist. Kevin Barnes EPA Office - (202) 260-1067 Home - (202) 582-3928 EPA E-Address-
69 James Forrest B.S. 2000 Research Assistant Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, Chemist Savannah Laboratories.
70 James Greig B.S. 2000 Accepted/in M.S. degree program Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada
71 Cindy Janus B.S. 2000 Southeast Adventure Outfitters, 313 Mallory St., St. Simons Island, GA 31522, Ph: 912-638-6732, Fax: 912-638-6334,, email:
72 Brandy Smith B.S. 2000 Accepted to M.S.Marine Science degree program Univ. Southern Mississippi, fall 2000
73 Willie Preston Hill B.S. 2000 December Gwinette Co. Wastewater, Tech II, Water testing 
74 Joseph Lambrix B.S. 2000 December M.S. degree Geosceinces Murray State University, Environmental Consultant Atlanta, Research Assistant Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and SSU.
75 Mary Richards B.S. 2000 December Research Assistant Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
76 Alfreda Cole B.S. 2001 Accepted into MS degree program Marine Sciences Savannah State University
77 Michelle Duncan B.S. 2001 Completed MS degree program Clemson University, NOAA SCEP appointment at NMFS, NOAA Panama City Lab upon graduation
78 Stacy Hallowell B.S. 2001 Research Assistant Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.
79 Daphne Heaton (Pitts, Whatley) B.S. 2001 Research Assistant Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.
80 Kevin Rock B.S. 2001 Nova Southeastern University, MASTER OF SCIENCE Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management, teaching regular and advanced science at Allapattah Middle
School in Miami, grades 6-8,
81 Michael Sheppard B.S. 2001 Research Assistant Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, MS degree program Marine Sciences Savannah State University
82 Christina Archer B.S. 2001 December Employed at Mote Marine Laboratory
83 Victoria Ballard B.S. 2001 December Research Technician, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.
84 Ellie Covington B.S. 2001 December U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah, GA
85 Archie Hayes B.S. 2001 December Memorial Medical University, health care program
86 Tiffany (Lee) Griggs B.S. 2001 December M.S. degree in Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Wildlife Biology, Clemson University December 2003 
87 Jared Dillet B.S. 2002 Research Assistant Savannah State University. Animal Care Specialist, Dolphin Encounters, Bahamas. Jellyfish aquacultuist, Atlantis.
88 Alisa Harkins B.S. 2002 Research Assistant Savannah State University
89 Quansa  McCullough B.S. 2002 Accepted to M.S. Program College of Charleston.
90 Donna McDowell B.S. 2002 Employed GADNR, Coastal Resources Division
91 Sandra Pagan B.S. 2002  
92 Joseph Rafalowski B.S. 2002 Research Assistant, Research Techncian, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.
93 Christina Sellers B.S. 2002  
94 Jeanne Zimmerman B.S. 2002 Research Assistant, Research Techncian, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.
95 Muhanmmad Ali Cochran B.S. 2002 December U.S. Coast Guard
96 Kimberly Brown B.S. 2003 Staff member The Georgia Aquarium
97 Gregory Hunter B.S. 2003 SSU Marine Science Outreach Coordinator
98 Marina Nimrod B.S. 2003 Junior Research Officer, Institute of Marine Affairs Trinidad and Tobago
99 Robin Rahn B.S. 2003  
100 Ranaldo Smith B.S. 2003 Education Coordinator, Dolphin Encounters, Nassau Bahamas
101 Barndi Barlow B.S. 2003 December  
102 Lee Weller B.S. 2003 December  
103 Dori-Lynn Coburn B.S. 2004 Animal presenter at Memphis Zoo; Teacher (SC)
104 Takiesa Grant B.S. 2004 Accepted to MS/Ph.D. Program in Marine Sciences Univ. of Maryland
105 Steward James B.S. 2004  
106 Kemit-Amon Lewis B.S. 2004 Coral conservation manager and coral restoration strategy lead for The Nature Conservancy's Caribbean Program.
107 Julia Pearson B.S. 2004  
108 Mary Stopczynski B.S. 2004 Science teacher, Effingham, GA; Youth Activities Coordinator, The Landings Club, Savannah GA  
109 Jody Frost M.S. 2004 December teacher
110 Erin Pulster M.S. 2004 December Research Project Coordinator, Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI), Blue Hill, Maine
111 Ben Maher B.S. 2004 December SSU M.S. 2012, then GA DRN
112 Dwight  Ebanks B.S.

PhD RSMAS; SSU Marine Science Instructor

113 Sue Ebanks B.S.

PhD RSMAS; SSU Asst. Professor Envir. & Marine Sci.

114 Whitney Palefsky M.S. 2005 Accepted to Ph.D. Program Marine Sciences University of Georgia
115 Lisia Kowalczyk M.S. 2005 Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
116 Ellie Sukkestaad M.S. 2005 Teacher, Savannah Chatham Co. Public Schools
117 Erika Adkinson B.S. 2005  
118 Timothy Butterbaugh B.S. 2005 HAS Engineering, Savannah, GA
119 Antronella  Duff B.S. 2005 At AASU in the fall 2006 for education / certification 
120 J.J. Wilson B.S. 2005 Accepted to MS program Social Work SSU
121 Christiaan H. Van Westendorp M.S. 2005 December US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah, GA
122 Courtney B.  Dorsey B.S. 2005 December  
123 Olethea E. Gardiner B.S. 2005 December

Environmental Inspector at the Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited in Grand Bahama, Bahamas

124 Carl P. Poe B.S. 2005 December Commissioned Officer USN
125 James H. Smith B.S. 2005 December  
126 Elizabth A. Watkins B.S. 2005 December Completed internship with Citizens for Environmental Justice in May 2006, tutoring in Atanta.
127 Guy D. DuBeck M.S. 2006 Tech II Wildlife Resources Division GADNR Richmiond Hill, GA
128 Tara Fogleman M.S. 2006 Teacher, St. Andrews School, Savannah, GA
129 Robert O. Froncko M.S. 2006 Teaching NYC
130 Shatavia K. Avery B.S. 2006 Environmental educator, Jekyll Island 4-H Center
131 Synita L. Davis B.S. 2006  
132 Randee G. Esteve,  B.S. 2006  
133 Enjoli Y. Guy B.S. 2006  
134 Natali R. Rogers B.S. 2006  
135 Christopher D.  Chambliss B.S. 2006 December  
136 Brandon W. Coleman B.S. 2006 December ARTI NOAA contractor for CO-OPS
137 April M. Pressler B.S. 2006 December Completed requirements for MSMS degree SSU
138 Gene L. Williams B.S. 2006 December  
139 Kemit-Amon F. Lewis B.S
2007 Coral conservation manager and coral restoration strategy lead for The Nature Conservancy's Caribbean Program.
140 Justin Manley M.S. 2007 UGA Marine Extension Service Aquaculture Extension Agent; Spatking Oysters
141 James W. Page M.S. 2007 Biologist, Coastal Resources Division, GADNR
142 Megan S. Singleton M.S. 2007 Regulatory Specialist,
US Army Corp of Engineers
143 Sigourney B. Bain B.S. 2007 Aquarist, Tennessee Aquarium
144 Ashley L. Carpenter B.S. 2007 Lab Technician, SSU
145 Ebony N. Henderson B.S. 2007

GIS Technician, Atlanta Fire Rescue Dept.

146 Siobahn M. Lloyd B.S. 2007  
147 Marvin M. (Trey) Mace B.S. 2007 University of Louisiana Lafayette
148 La'Sontayia S. Middleton B.S. 2007  
149 Nicholas J. Scoville B.S. 2007 UGA GCE-LTER Research Technician
150 LaTerica Thomas B.S. 2007 Admissions, SSU
151 Amber R. Hogfeldt B.S. 2007 December  
152 Johnny E. Moore B.S. 2007 December Admitted to M.S. program Delaware State University
153 Sheree A. Brooks B.S. 2008  
154 Amber Stanley Wilkerson B.S. 2008

MS Candidate SSU; Adjunt Physics Instructor Ogeechee Technical College

155 Jennifer L. Kinney Miller B.S. 2008 December Environmental Educator in Seattle, Washington
156 Katie E. Miller Watson B.S. 2008 December Meritech Environmental Laboratory, NC; 2016 began employment with NOAA contractor CSS-Dynamac
157 Shanell R. Moss B.S. 2008 December  
158 April M. Pressler M.S./M.S. 2008  
159 Denis N. Wafula M.S. 2008 Entered Ph.D. Program at Florida A and  M University
160 Laura M. Birsa M.S. 2008 December Research Associate, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
161 Olethea E. Gardiner M.S. 2008 December Environmental Inspector at the Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited in Grand Bahama, Bahamas
162 Christopher A. Kalinowsky M.S. 2008 December GADNR, Coastal Resources Division
163 LaTrisha E. Allen M.S. 2009 December Technician at SSU; Senior Marine Science Educator at Tybee Marine Science Center; started PhD at FAMU
164 Sanya S. Compton B.S. 2009 MSMS Program SSU, Knauss Fellow
165 Charles R. Hooper B.S. 2009 Completing M.S. Biology at California State University - Long Beach
166 Jameson Ian Paige B.S. 2009 Sea Turtle Program, Ossabaw Island
167 Cynthia L. Smith B.S. 2009  
168 Stephanie Couture B.S. 2009 December  
169 Marvin M. (Trey) Mace M.S. 2009 Attending Ph.D. Program, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
170 Tracey M. Modest M.S. 2009 Office of Sponsored Research Administration, SSU
171 AJmal Gordon B.S. 2010 Fairfax, Virginia. Volunteering at the National Zoo
172 Adam W. Hedgecoth B.S. 2010  
173 Matthew Hunnewell B.S. 2010

Science teacher/soccer coach, S. Effingham H.S.

174 Sheena L. Corning B.S. 2010 December  
175 Garth E. Marchant Jr. B.S. 2010 December  
176 Nicole Abdul M.S. 2010 PhD student at Rutgers University, Geology
177 Lili Hao M.S. 2010 Program Coordinator, Biology at SSU
178 Shelly Krueger M.S. 2010 Research Scientist III at UGA Marine Extension Service Shellfish Research Laboratory
179 Nadia T. Meyers M.S. 2010 Benthic Ecology Lab Manager at Savannah State University
180 Michael J. Partridge M.S. 2010 Curator at Tybee Island Marine Science Center
181 Terry V. Aultman M.S.



Teaching Biology at SCPS
182 Catherine J. Carroll M.S.



Pursuing Ph.D. in Virginia
183 Krystal D. Ludwig M.S. 2010 December Began Ph.D. Program in School of Public Health at USC Columbia in Fall 2010
184 Mark S. Wagner M.S. 2010 December Aquarist, Norwalk, CT
185 Anna K. Campbell B.S. 2011  
186 LeTrice N. Kelly B.S. 2011 Benefits Advisor with Aflac
187 Simone R. Kilgore B.S. 2011  
188 Shamgan K. Perkins B.S. 2011  
189 Sara E. Pluff B.S. 2011  
190 Michele B. Sherman B.S. 2011 MSMS Program at SSU
191 Tiffany A. Ward B.S. 2011 MSMS Program at SSU
192 Nicole N. Arkwright B.S. 2011 December U.S. Army engineer
193 Eljin T. Morrison B.S. 2011 December Petroleum Transport, Bahamas
194 Jessie A. Weitman B.S. 2011 December Teacher at Long County High School in Ludowici, GA
195 Davielle Natasha-Marie Drayton B.S. 2011 December SSU Biology Lab Technician /SSU MSMS student
196 Christy Ann Pavel B.S. 2011 December Chemical Analyst/Quality Control, Edwards Interiors
197 Sabrina R. Bowen M.S. 2011 Research Associate, Univ. of Miami Cooperative Institute for Marine & Atmos. Studies
198 Donna E. McDowell M.S. 2011 GA Dept. of Natural Resources
199 Randi Tyler Geer-Thompson M.S. 2011 SSU instructor/technician; science teacher, AL
200 Devin J. Dumont M.S. 2011 December Curator, UGA Marine Extension Service, Marine Education Center and Aquarium
201 Jackelin M. John M.S. 2011 December  
202 Joe D. Marshall M.S. 2011 December Chemistry and Physics Teacher at Long County High School in Ludowici, GA
203 Robin M. Perrtree M.S.



Marine Science Technician at Savannah State University
204 Brandon W. Coleman M.S. 2012 May ARTI NOAA contractor for CO-OPS
205 Kelli L. Edwards M.S. 2012 May Assistant Manager of Public Programs (Education Programs), Georgia Aquarium
206 Jeremy N. Mitchler M.S. 2012 May

Civil Engineer at

Chatham County Engineering

207 Javar Emani Henry B.S. 2012 May Biological Technician, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of Columbia, MO.
208 Amara Felecia Jones B.S. 2012 May Olympic Training
209 Amarria Bonice Phillips B.S. 2012 May Teacher, FL; SSU MS Social Work 2016
210 Eric Lee Ransom B.S. 2012 May  
211 Michael Knowles B.S 2012 Dec Big Thinkers Science Exploration
212 Robert Kiser B.S. 2012 Dec  
213 Sharamie Ware B.S. 2012 Dec  
214 Ana Reyes B.S. 2012 Dec At Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Florida
215 Paul Arkwright B.S. 2012 Dec Graduate Student in Marine Science at Savannah State University
216 Carolyn Kovacs M.S. 2012 Dec At-sea Instructor with SeaIMester; Instructor/Technician, SSU
217 Dontrece Smith M.S. 2012 Dec SALTEx Field Technician at University of Georgia Marine Institute
218 Benjamin Maher M.S. 2012 Dec

Natural Resources Biologist, GA Dept. of Natural Resources

219 Rebeccah Hazelkorn M.S. 2013 May Biologist, Mote Marine Laboratory
220 Zachary Tait M.S. 2013 May Doctoral studies, NCSU; technician, Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography
221 Noelle Hawthorne M.S. 2013 May Technician, SSU
222 Jonathan L. Andersen B.S. 2013 May  
223 Heather E. D'Anna B.S. 2013 May Clearwater Marine Aquarium
224 Falicia R. Leisch-Martin B.S. 2013 May  
225 James E. McCullars B.S. 2013 May Fisheries Observer at Alaskan Observers, Inc.
226 Kenneth M. Scaboo B.S. 2013 May Entered SSU Marine Sciences Masters Program
227 James A. Briscoe B.S. 2013 Dec Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2, Parrish Middle School, Augusta GA
228 Micah E. Ducre B.S. 2013 Dec  
229 Lance L. Love B.S. 2013 Dec  
230 Amanda J. Schuelka B.S. 2013 Dec Mate/Secretary at Sundial Charters
231 Matthew S. Weems B.S. 2013 Dec  
232 Jyosi A. Blair A.S. 2013 Dec Aquatics Specialist and Freelance Aquatic Maintenance
233 Brittany D. Turner A.S. 2013 Dec  
234 Michele Sherman M.S. 2013 Dec SSU Marine Science Technician
235 Catherine Wu M.S. 2013 Dec  
236 Matthew C. Hunnewell M.S. 2013 Dec

Science Teacher/Soccer Coach, S. Effingham H.S.

237 Simone N. Lax B.S. 2014 May  
238 Eric M. Parks B.S. 2014 May  
239 Sami MB Saryou B.S. 2014 May Coastal Corals and TestAmerica labs
240 Allison Williford B.S. 2014 May Educator, Tybee Island Marine Science Center
241 Dawn Franco M.S. 2014 May GA Department of Natural Resources
242 Brian C. Murry M.S. 2014 May Molecular Diagnostic Technician at Metamark Genetics in Augusta, GA
243 Terry W. Anderson, Jr. B.S. 2014 Dec Plant Operator Trainee at City of Savannah’s Water Reclamation Plant
244 Isaac J. McClellan B.S. 2014 Dec  
245 Brigette A. Brinton M.S. 2014 Dec Biology Instructor, ASU; Environmental Science Instructor, SSU
246 Courtney C. Pegus M.S. 2014 Dec Grad School, U. Alaska
247 William J. Buchanan B.S. 2015 May  
248 Kelsey R. Cramer B.S. 2015 May  
249 Kamilya D. Daniels B.S. 2015 May Fisheries Management Graduate Certificate Prog., Oregon State U.
250 Tisheena D. S. Howard B.S. 2015 May  
251 Andrea C. Hutwagner B.S. 2015 May Marine Endangered Species Observer at REMSA, Inc.
252 David N. Reece B.S. 2015 May Middle School Science Teacher, Broward County, FL
253 Morris L. Smith B.S. 2015 May  
254 Cameron P. Brinton M.S. 2015 May GA Department of Natural Resources
255 Jennifer A. Gut M.S. 2015 May Wildlife Biologist, Marine Resources Division, SC Dept. of Natural Resources
256 Crystal A. Smith M.S. 2015 May  
257 Kristopher M. Drummond B.S. 2015 Dec City of Savannah's Water Reclamation Plant
258 Sayda L. Guerra B.S. 2015 Dec  
259 Kalub D. Holt B.S. 2015 Dec  
260 Shaneese C. Mackey B.S. 2015 Dec  
261 Mikhael C. Musarra B.S. 2015 Dec  
262 James E. White B.S. 2015 Dec  
263 Sanya S. Compton M.S. 2015 Dec SSU Graduate Studies
264 Sarah D. Ramsden M.S. 2015 Dec Outreach Instructor for Under the Sea and Glen Echo Park Aquarium
265 Kenneth M. Scaboo M.S. 2015 Dec PhD Program Univ. of Delaware
266 Tiffany A. Taubenheim M.S. 2015 Dec  
267 Alex W. Barrett A.S. 2016 May  
268 Cheyenne R. Coleman B.S. 2016 May  
269 Jennifer C. Colley B.S. 2016 May  
270 Precious L. Scott-Edmonds B.S. 2016 May  
271 Danyelle M. L. Stroud B.S. 2016 May Veterinarian Technician, Savannah, GA.
272 Chelsea L. Parrish M.S. 2016 May NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps
273 Keya J. Jackson M.S. 2016 May  
274 Emma A. Schultz M.S. 2016 May Educator at Tybee Island Marine Science Center