Marine Science Club


Article I. Name and object of organization.

Section I. - Name of organization.

The name of organization has been deemed Marine Science Club until further action has been taken accordingly with (by-laws & rules of order) this Constitution.

Section II. – Objective

The objective of the organization is: 1) to expose all students to different aspects of Marine Science (2) for students interested in Marine Science to explore and advance themselves in the field (3) to spend time with like minded students in this endeavor (4) to participate in seminars and activities that promote the welfare of our community and (5) to get the Savannah State University campus and surrounding community involved in environmental concerns and solutions here in and around Savannah, Georgia.

Article II.  Qualification of members.                 

Section I. – Qualifications to be a member.

This organization is open to all students at Savannah State University.

  1. Members must maintain good academic standing.
  2. Members must abide by the rules and regulations of the Student Conduct Code of Savannah State University.
  3. All members must pay dues of $5 per semester/ $10 per year on- time by   September 15 in fall and February 2 in spring.
  4. Conduct and behavior must be in a respectful manner throughout every meeting for members.
  5. Members must take an active participation or attendance in club activities & meetings. Failure to do so may result in termination of membership (2/3 majority vote)
  6. No member should be expelled by less than a two-thirds vote- but a      failure to obey the summons of a trial is cause for immediate expulsion

Article III.  Elected officers and their duties.

All election will take place annually for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Mr. & Miss Marine Science in or near April 15.  These seven officers will carry out the Executive Committee. Overlapping in primary officers will not be allowed, but it will be allow with primary and secondary officers.

Section I. – President

The duty of the President is to preside meetings of the club and executive committee (if cannot, Vice President should be notified ahead of time), to announce the business before the assembly in its proper order, to state and put all questions properly brought before the assembly, to preserve order and decorum, and to decide all questions of order (subject to an appeal).     

  1. When the President “ puts a question” to vote, and when speaking upon an appeal, he/she; in all other cases he/she can sit.
  2. Authenticate, by signature, all acts, orders, and proceedings of the organization.
  3. He/She is entitled to vote when the vote is ballot, and in all other cases where the vote would change the result of a tie.
  4. The highest-ranking officer not applying for Blaylock/Dolphin Scholarship shall be the deciding factor.
  5. He/She should be impartial; keep the meeting moving along; and accord equal treatment to all members.
  6. Reserves the right to review any financial reports given by the Treasurer.

Section II. – Vice President

The Vice President will chair meetings in the absence of the President.

  1. This person is also considered the Sergeant in Arms- keeping peace between committees and members at meetings.
  2. Should be familiar with parliamentary usage; a man or woman of executive ability that is capable of controlling a debate or members.
  3. He/She is also responsible for the knowledge of parliamentary rules in case of conflict during a meeting.
  4. Reports all proceedings throughout committees to the President and Secretary.
  5. Reserves the right to review any financial reports given by the Treasurer.

Section III. – Secretary

The Secretary will keep accurate records of meetings, correspondence with the community, travel plans, and planned events.  The Secretary will keep accurate records of any other proceedings, trials, and election, or motions.  The Secretary has custody of all papers belonging to the organization and should be the first person to examine such documents in case of publication.

  1. The minutes should be in the record book, leaving a margin for corrections, and taken to the meetings of the organization so as to be read for corrections and   approval.
  2. The acting Secretary or Vice President should sign the minutes.  When published, President, Vice President, and Secretary should sign them.

Section IV. – Treasurer 

 The duties of the Treasurer are as follows: 1) He/She acts as a banker, 2) will keep an accurate record of dues, income, expenses, scholarships, purchase requests, receipts and bills of invoice. 

  1. Treasurer is required to give an annual report, consisting of: a  statement of the amount on hand, the amount received during the year,  the total amount paid out by order of the society, and the balance on  hand.
  2. A statement of receipts & expenditures and balance on hand is required    at the beginning and end of each semester and must be audited.

Section V. – Historian 

The duties of the Historian will be to maintain an accurate knowledge of the Marine Science Program and the Marine Science Club.  This person will be well versed in club events, history, and membership.

  1. Keep recorded pictures & information of club events, yearly (updated)   photo of officers, special Marine Science events, and scrapbook  information.

Section VI. – Mr. & Miss Marine Science

The representing of the Marine Science Club will come from Miss Marine Science along with her escort Mr. Marine Science.

  1. Persons must represent the club in the majority of all public activities (e.g.   Homecoming, high school visitation, freshmen orientation, club forum).
  2. Persons elected are ALWAYS in charge of representing the club during Homecoming. Must attend all functions and activities concerning kings & queens for the Homecoming festivities.

Section VII. – Advisors

Marine Science advisors must be fulltime faculty/staff personnel.  At least one advisor is required to be present at meetings and activities of the club.  If the club sponsors an event in any facilities at Savannah State University, an advisor must be in attendance throughout (including one half hour before and after) the function.  If that advisor is unable to attend, it is their responsibility to name a secondary or substitute advisor to be present.

The advisors to the Marine Science Club are as follows: