May 2004 - Volume 3, Issue 5
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164th Commencement

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pixel US Representative Alcee Hastings delivers the May 2004 Commencement Address

Congressman Alcee Hastings was the guest-speaker at Savannah State University's 164th commencement ceremony held on May 8, 2004 at 2:00 PM in Tiger Arena.

Dr, Carlton E. Brown, President of Savannah State University, presented the Mattie Beverly Payne Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Emily Crawford, Professor, College of Business Administration, who has demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of the University and the local community through student programming, extracurricular activities, service and leadership.

Dr. Emily Crawford, Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration, SSU


Dr. Chellu S. Chetty Honored at White House Ceremony!

Dr. Chellu Chetty, Professor of Biology, Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, has received the 2003 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring.

Arden L. Bement, Jr., Acting Director, NSF; Chetty, and John H. Marburger, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President

Joseph H. Silver, Sr., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chetty

Seminars .... Workshops ...

MAGEC-STEM Summer Enrichment Program

A six-week summer residential camp will be conducted from June 6 to July 16, 2004. Thirty four students, who have gained admission to STEM disciplines in the 2004-Fall Semester, will attend this summer enrichment program. The participants will receive $1000 stipend and free lodging & boarding. They will also receive a lap-top computer and an annual $1500 stipend for the next 4 years.

For additional information, please contact: Dr. Chellu Chetty (912 353-3057) or Ms. Catherine Denny (912 351-6485)

School-to-Careers: Careers in Engineering

A 5-day Workshop to introduce high school students (rising 11th graders) to the broad spectrum of engineering and to career opportunities in engineering and technology.

July 12-16, 2004 (8:30 AM to 12:30 PM)

Contact: Dr. K. Jayaraman or Mrs. Marilyn Felder (912 356-2218)

Summer Pipeline Program

A 8-week program to expose promising high school students to SAT preparation and career exploration. These students will receive K-credit that can be used toward their graduation if they enroll at Savannah State University after high school graduation.

May 27 - July 23, 2004

Contact: Dr. George Williams (912 356-2244)


The MAJEC-STEM (Minority Access to Graduate Education and Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Open House was held on April 17, 2004 at Drew-Griffith Building - Annex. It was well attended by high school students and their parents/guardians who were briefed on the goals, objectives and operational details of the MAJEC-STEM Project by the PI, Program Director, Co-Program Director, and Coordinators.

Address by Dr. Joseph H. Silver, Sr., PI, MAGEC-STEM

MARC Scholars at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research:

MARC (Minority Access to Research Careers) scholars Ms. Kyrishia Reid & Ms. Nakoya Walker, and faculty advisor Dr. Kenneth S. Sajwan, Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Savannah State University recently attended and presented two research papers in the 2004 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) held at Indiana University/Perdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana from April 15-17, 2004. These two research papers have already been accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed Proceedings of the 2004 National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Kyrishia Reid, Kenneth Sajwan, and Nakoya Walker

Kudos To ....

Dr. Chellu Chetty, Professor of Biology, delivered the Marjorie Gardner Lecture "Neurotoxicity of lead: Nitric Oxide mediated signal transduction pathway" for the members of the Society of College Science Teachers (SCST) at the 2004 National Science Teachers Association Convention in Atlanta, GA on April 2, 2004. Dr. Chetty was the recipient of 2003 Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Award from SCST.

Dr. Adegboye Adeyemo, Professor of Chemistry and two Chemistry Majors Destiny Allen and Darkus Jenkins attended and presented two posters at 2004 Georgia Academy of Sciences on March 26-27, 2004 in Rome, GA.

Dr. Chellu S. Chetty, Professor of Biology, presented 2 papers at 2004 Experimental Biology Meeting held on April 19, 2004 in Washington, DC.

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Source: - 2003 Coolest Inventions

Inventor: Don Massa and Joseph Ayers

No, it's not a pet you take to the beach. Robo-Lobster, a 7-lb., 2-ft.-long crustacean made of industrial-strength plastic, has a bigger job to do: detecting and destroying mines buried in the surf zone. At least, that's how the U.S. Navy plans to use the robot once developers at Massa Products deliver their final version next year. The current prototype mimics a real lobster's movements to negotiate all types of coastal terrain. The plastic antennas sense obstacles; the eight legs can propel it in any direction; the two claws and tail keep it stable in turbulent water.

Availability: Late 2004 (military use only)
To Learn More:

University News

We welcome Mr. Matthew Latson who has joined SSU on May 24,2004 as the Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar.

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