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pixel Attorney Willie Gary Delivers May 2003 Commencement Address

Willie Gary
Chairman & CEO, MBC Network

Attorney Willie Gary was the guest-speaker at Savannah State University's 162nd commencement ceremony held on May 10 at 2:00 PM in Tiger Arena.

Dr, Carlton E. Brown, President of Savannah State University, presented the President's Second Mile Award to Mr. Alfred McGuire, Jr., Student Government President (2001-2003) and graduating senior. This award recognizes a graduate or graduates who have exemplified stellar service records both on campus and in the community.

Alfred McGuire

pixel Dr. Chetty Receives Regents Award for Teaching Excellence!
Chancellor Dr. Thomas C. Meredith, Dr. Chellu Chetty, Dr. Daniel Papp &
Ex-Governor and Chair of Board of Regents Joe Frank Harris

Dr. Chellu S. Chetty received the 2003 Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award (representing Regional and State Universities) of the University System of Georgia.

"Academic excellence is highly valued in the University System," said Dr. Daniel S. Papp, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academics and Fiscal Affairs with the Board of Regents. "Such recognition strengthens the commitment to student learning and achievement, and we are pleased to salute the USG faculty members and programs that serve as superb role models."

Dr. Chellu S. Chetty, Professor of Biology, Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has been member of the SSU faculty since 1993. Dr. Chetty has won several awards for teaching excellence, including the 2003 National Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Award from the Society for College Science Teachers and the 2003 Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology from the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. In addition to securing more than $3.5 million in external funding for research on teaching, Chetty has developed 11 new courses and a state-of-the-art biomedical research laboratory where students hone their research skills.

Seminars .... Workshops ...

Chemistry Seminar (Contact: Dr. Olarongbe Olubajo)
April 29, 2003:
Dr. Oladapo Bakare, Department of Chemistry, Howard University

"Pyrazoloquinolines and Dithiocarbamate Ester Libraries as Potential Anticancer Therapeutics"

Marine Science Seminar Series (Contact: Dr. Carol Pride)
April 25, 2003:
Dr. Paul Work , Georgia Tech
"Measurement of Nearshore Waves and Currents: Methods, Accuracy, and Precision"

Summer Camp and Summer Institute (Contact: Dr. K. Jayaraman)
June 3-4, 2003:
Summer Camp (part of Project SEA - Summer Experiential Activities)
"School-to-Careers: Careers in Engineering" - for rising 11th graders

July 14-25, 2003:
American Society of Civil Engineers-Savannah State University Summer Institute
"Women in Civil and Environmental Engineering" - for rising female 10th graders

Beach High School honors COST Professors!

Dr. Julius Afolabi and Dr. Kenneth S. Sajwan, professors in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, were recognized at a special ceremony held on April 29, 2003 organized by Alfred Ely Beach High School. They were awarded special engraved plaques in recognition of their outstanding dedication, commitment and leadership for the Mentor-Mentee Program between Savannah State University and Alfred Ely Beach High School.
Dr. Joseph H. Silver, Sr., Vice President for Academic Affairs, SSU was the guest speaker for that occasion.


More Research Publications
By Dr. Chellu S. Chetty, Mr. John Baker, Ms. Josephine Heinz and Dr. Marthajane Caldwell
(Dept of Natural Sciences & Mathematics)

Reddy, G.R., Basha, R., Baker, J.L., Heinz, J., and Chetty, C.S. 2003. Lead Induced Effects on Acwtylcholinesterase Activity in Cerebellum and Hippocampus of Developing Rat. International Journal of developmental Neuroscience.

Gopal, Y.R., Chetty, C.S., and Vemuri, M.C. 2003. Differential Modulation of Apoptosis Associated Proteins by Ethanol in Rat Cerebral Cortex and Cerebellum. European Journal of Toxicology.

Caldwell, Marthajane. 2003. Eight Polymorphic microsatellite loci for bottlenose dolphin and other cetacean species. Molecular Ecology Notes, 2 (4): 393-395 Dec 2002.

Students of Savannah High School visit our Chemistry Labs!

The 11th Grade Chemistry students at Savannah High School paid two visits to our Chemistry laboratories and performed experiments related to the topics that they are currently studying in their school. They performed titration experiments using LabWorks and also toured the SSU campus.

(Contact: Dr. Olarongbe Olubajo/ Professor Jannie Baker, Dept of Natural Sciences & Mathematics)

Dr. Chukwudi Obi Emeh
Dr. Chukwudi Obi Emeh Retires.

Dr. Chukwudi Obi Emeh will be retiring from his position as a tenured Professor of Biology in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics with effect from June 1, 2003, and he was one of the honorees in the President's Annual Retirement Celebration held on May 12, 2003.

Dr. Obi Emeh has served Savannah State University for 29 years after joining the former Department of Biology and Life Sciences in 1974. Dr. Emeh's service to the biology program included initiating the Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Program, laying the foundation for establishing an office of Sponsored Program through a capacity building grant from the DHHS-PHS, and directing the Health Career Opportunity Program (HCOP). Dr. Emeh's research centered around the field of mycology, studying and characterizing fungi for antimicrobial properties. Dr. Emeh also helped in the development of environmental science and biotechnology disciplines in the department. In addition, Dr. Emeh served as an interim chair for the biology program in 1998 and as Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Technology during 1999.

The College of Sciences and Technology and the Savannah State University Community will always remember Dr. Emeh's distinguished service in all areas of teaching, advising students, faculty development, curriculum development, research and grantsmanship, and community service.

Kudos to .....

John Baker
Savannah State University has received the Year II award amount of $256,342 from the National Institutes of Health for the ongoing MARC project.
(Contact: Dr. Harpal Singh, Chair, Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Principal Investigator & Director, NIH-MARC Project)

Mr. John Baker, Program Research Associate, MBRS, Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, has been admitted to MD/PhD program in Rutgers University in Newark, NJ for the Fall 2003.

The following students of Biology Major have been accepted for 2003 Summer Internships in health and allied fields:
Joseph Todd, Trenis Palmer and Brian Williams (Medical College of Georgia)
Tomeka Ray (Vanderbilt University)
Ashley Laverett (Meharry Medical College)
Alvin Zakiar (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
The following students of Biology Major have been accepted for 2003 Junior Enrichment Program (JEP):
Kaylor Jackson, Nuyssa Brodnix, Chadrick Ogden, Reid Kyrishia, Darkus Jenkins, Laquisha Cokely, and Karren Harris (Albany State University) and Lesley Broadnex (University of Michigan - School of Dentistry)
(Contact: Dr. Chellu S. Chetty, DNSM, who assisted in the placement of the above-mentioned students)

Take A Glimpse at the Global Demographic Estimates and Projections!

  • World population reached 6.1 billion in mid-2000 and is currently growing at an annual rate of 1.2% or 77 million people per year. Six countries account for half of this annual growth: India for 21%; China for 12%; Pakistan for 5%; Nigeria for 4%; Bangladesh for 4%, and Indonesia for 3%.
    By 2050, world population is expected to be between 7.9 billion and 10.9 billion, with the medium variant being 9.3 billion.

  • The population of more developed regions, currently 1.2 billion, is anticipated to change little during the next 50 years. By 2050, the populations of 39 countries are projected to be smaller than today (Japan and Germany 14% smaller; Italy and Hungary 25% smaller; the Russian Federation, Georgia and Ukraine between 28 to 40% smaller).

  • The population of the less developed regions is projected to rise from 4.9 billion in 2000 to 8.2 billion in 2050. (In the absence of fertility declines, the population of these regions would reach 11.9 billion instead of 8.2 billion.)

  • For 1995-2000, life expectance at birth in the more developed regions is estimated to be 75 years. In the less developed regions, life expectance was 63 years. By 2050 the figures will be 82 and 75 respectively.

  • During the next 5 years, the number of excess deaths because of ATDS among the 45 most affected countries is estimated at 15.5 million.

  • The population aged 60 or over in the more developed regions constitutes about 20% of the population and by 2050 it will likely account for 33% of the population. In the less developed regions, the proportion of population aged 60 or over will rise from 8% in 2000 to 20% in 2050.

  • International migration is projected to remain high in the 21st century. The more developed regions are expected to continue being net receivers of international migrants, with an average gain of about 2 million per year for the next 50 years. Without migration, the population of more developed regions as a whole would start declining, and by 2050 it would be 126 million less than the 1.2 billion prjected under the assumption of continued migration.

Source: UN-World Population Prospects: The 2000 Revision

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Source: - 2002 Best Inventions

If computer monitors can shrink to almost nothing, why not keyboards? They soon may. Two companies have developed prototype "virtual" keyboards designed to accompany portable devices like PDAs, tablet PCs and cell phones. Here's how they work: a laser beam projects a glowing red outline of a keyboard on a desk or other flat surface. A sensor like those used in digital cameras monitors the reflection of an infrared light projected on the same spot. It can tell which "keys" you are trying to strike by the way that reflection changes. Someday, similar keyboards may be built into the gadgets they work with, so that they disappear when not in use.

To Learn More:

2003 Annual Spring High School Visitation Day (April 26, 2003)

Some Snapshots of COST Booths:

(Thanks to Dr. M. Gilligan for the photographs)

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"The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence that it is not utterly absurd." -- Bertrand Russell

"Stay at home in your mind. Don't recite other people's opinions. I hate quotations. Tell me what you know." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily." -- Schiller

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