February 2005 - Volume 4, Issue 2
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Dear Colleagues,

I came to SSU and the College with an immense amount of energy (what one might call pumped) and ideas. I articulated to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and in my speech to the college a vision of increased excellence in all areas, with continuous improvement. Very quickly, I found that the discretionary resource base available to fund this vision was exactly zero dollars! I hope that I do not have to convince any of you that a vision that is worth pursuing in academia cannot be realized unless alumni and friends catch the vision and contribute to it. How can we expect our alumni and friends to believe in something that we do not?

Therefore, I have established a COST2005 fund designed to offer the college the flexibility of meeting the daily challenges of running COST in the face of dwindling (and disappearing State funding). One semester, the need might be travel, while it might be graduate student support, or new faculty start-up funds in another semester.

I am asking that you demonstrate your faith and believe in the future of this college. You can no longer assume that we will survive without self-help. In the words of Shakespeare,’…if thou beest not immortal, look about you. Security gives way to conspiracy’. COST is not financially secure or immortal! I encourage you to participate by becoming a foundation donor to the COST2005.

I am asking each employee of COST to commit to $10, $15, or $25, per month. I plan to augment our collective faith in the college with a campaign targeting our alumni and friends. The goal is to raise $100,000 for the college by December 31, 2010.

Dr. Babajide Familoni
Dean, College of Sciences & Technology


Dr. Kenneth Sajwan Receives Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Kenneth Sajwan, Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, received the Richard Nicholson Excellence in Science Teaching Award. The award is named in honor of Richard Nicholson, the former NSF assistant director and CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The award was presented to Dr. Sajwan on February 26, 2005, at the National Conference of the Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) in Mathematics, Science and Technology (MSE) in Washington, DC.

Dr. Chellu S. Chetty Receives Faculty Mentoring Award

The Faculty Mentoring Award, established this year at the HBCU-UP National Research Conference held in New Orleans, LA on February 10-13, 2005, was conferred upon Dr. Chellu S. Chetty, Professor of Biology and Director, MAGEC-STEM, for his outstanding mentoring at Savannah State University during the last 3 years.

Two Engineering Technology Programs Terminated

The University System of Georgia has recently approved the decision to terminate, with immediate effect, the following two programs offered by the Department of Engineering Technology:

Chemical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology

This decision is the outcome of our University's intensive faculty-driven program reviews, University System Guidelines, consultations with faculty, senate and administration, and topic of discussion at the various forums of the University and University System of Georgia.

Books & Research Publications

Sajwan, K.S., I. Twardowska, T. Punshon, and A.K. Alva. 2005. Coal Combustion Products and Environmental Issues. Springer-Verlag Publishers, New York, USA. Accepted for Publication.

Prasad, B.N.V., K.S. Sajwan, and R. Naidu. 2005. Trace Elements in the Environment, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Accepted for Publication.

Sajwan, K.S., S. Paramasivam, J.P. Richardson, J. Afolabi, C.L. Young, J. Delise, M.C. Potts, and T.P. Schell, 2004. Water Quality Characteristics of Savannah River and its Tributaries. A Special Edition of the Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Restoration. 1: 89-96.

Alva, A.K., T.J. Baugh, K.S. Sajwan, and S. Paramasivam. 2004. Soil pH and Anions Abundance Affects on Copper Adsorption. Journal of Environmental Science and Health. 39: 903-910.

Chetty, S.C. Developmental Lead Exposure Alters Mitochondrial Monoamine Oxidase and Synaptosomal Catecholamine Levels in Rat Brain. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience (Accepted for Publication).

Chetty, S.C. 2005. Neuroprotective Effects of Melatonin on Human SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells Exposed to Lead - Poster Presentation at the 44th Annual Meeting of Society of Toxicology.

MAGEC-STEM Faculty & Students at 2005 ABRF Meeting

MAGEC-STEM Program faculty (Dr. Chellu S. Chetty and Dr. Eugene Mesco) and students of COST (Mallori Boyd, Adanna O. Dennis, Khamisi Campbell, Richard Hodges, Brian Williams and Karen Harris) attended the 2005 ABRF (Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities) Annual Meeting during February 5-8, 2005 at Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, Savannah, GA. Brian Williams and Karen Harris were sponsored by Dr. Chetty to receive FASEB/MARC travel awards for attending the meeting.

On invitation, Dr. Chellu S. Chetty conducted, on February 6, a seminar on "In the Career Corner: Careers in Sciences" to minority student participants of the ABRF Meeting.

HBCU-UP 2005 National Research Conference

This conference, hosted by Southern University and held in New Orleans, LA on February 10-13, 2005, was attended by about 500 students and faculty from institutions which have received NSF-HBCU-UP projects. MAGEC-STEM Program faculty (Dr. Chellu S. Chetty and Dr. Eugene Mesco) and students of COST (Mallori Boyd, Latecia M. Crawford, James DaCunha, Adanna O. Dennis, Charles Goolsby, Lashasta Robinson, Jonathan Solomon, and Brian Williams) participated in the conference. Ms. Adanna O. Dennis, a Biology senior, presented her research paper "Neuroprotective Effects of Melatonin and Beta Estradiol on Lead Exposed Human Neuroblastoma Cells".


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