August 2002 - Volume 1, Issue 1
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Reorganization of Departments

Welcome to New Faculty

MS in Marine Science

Do You Know?

Mission of COST

COST Organizational Chart

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University News
Welcome to the First Issue of Our  e-Bulletin  "SciTech"!
Reorganization of Departments

The College of Sciences and Technology (COST) has a new Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics as a result of the merger of the Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry and the Department of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science Technology.

This new department will offer BS degree programs in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Marine Science and Mathematics and also the MS program in Marine Sciences.Dr. Harpal Singh is the Acting Chair of this Department.

The Department of Engineering Technology will offer the BS degree programs in Chemical Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Science Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

The reorganization of the departments heralds a new chapter in the history of COST through opening doors and creating opportunities for more interdisciplinary collaboration, stronger and unique niches, new innovative programs and projects, increased grant-writing activities, more aggressive approaches to student recruitment, advisement and retention, and a broader and more involved community service agenda.

Welcome to New Faculty!

Georgia Tech Regional Engineering Program:

Dr. Jonathan Lambright

Marine Science Program:
Dr. Carla Curran
Dr. Carol Pride


Captain Robert L. Ford
Commander Gary E. English
Major Timothy Bradley
Lt. Marty Alexander

Master’s Program in Marine Science

The College of Sciences and Technology offers a special attraction starting this Fall 2002!

The start of COST’s first graduate program MS in Marine Science!

We welcome the first group of 9 graduate students and wish them all the best!

Do You Know?

Only 5% of the Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering offered in 1998 went to Blacks! (Only 2% to Black Females!)

Only 3% of the Master’s degrees in Engineering went to Blacks! (Only 1% to Black Females!)

Only 1% of the Doctoral degrees in Engineering went to Blacks! (Only 0.037% to Black Females!)

Source: NSF, 2001

Mission and Goals of COST

The mission of the College of Sciences and Technology (COST) is to deliver high quality education, scholarship and research in sciences, engineering and technology. While the College is committed to equip the students with the knowledge and applications of sciences and technology to enable the region and nation to excel with a competitive edge, it is also committed to values associated with human well-being, environmental quality and responsible citizenship. The College shall promote interdisciplinary working internally and healthy collaborative work and community service externally.

Our mission parallels the mission of the Savannah State University to graduate students prepared to perform at higher levels of economic productivity, social responsibility, and excellence in their chosen field of endeavor in a changing global community.

Our goals are to promote and strengthen:

Academic excellence in education
Faculty and staff development
Grants acquisition and research Engagements with industries, professional societies, alumni and community
Alliances with schools, two-year colleges, other universities, and institutions abroad

Kudos to ….

Dr. Mulatu Lemma, Professor, Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics on his recent publication “Logarithmic Transformation into G” in the Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics (2002) 25: 643-652.

Dr. Chellu S. Chetty, Professor, has received a  grant award of $202,000 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. This award includes subprojects with Dr. Zhiyan Song (Chemistry) and Dr. Xiaoron S. Zhang (Biology) as Co-Principal Investigators. The title of the project is " Strengthening of MBRS-SCORE Program at Savannah State University."

  Dr.Olarongbe Olubajo, Professor, has received a  grant award of $151,000 from the Department of Defense  Infrastructure Support Program for the project entitled "HBCU/MI Instrumentation Integration of Technology in Chemistry Laboratory". This award is effective September 1, 2002.

Dr. Kenneth Sajwan, Professor, has received the White House Initiative 2001 Millennium Award for his contributions to science.

Joseph K. Todd,Trenis Palmer, John Baxter, Jr., Harriet S. King, Tomeka Ray (students majoring from the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics) received awards of monthly stipends of $850.00 (in addition to tuition) from funds recently brought in by Dr. Harpal Singh through the SSU/NIH MARC program.

University News

Dr. Jane Gates has joined Savannah State University as the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Mr. Arthur L. Moncrief will be joining Savannah State University as the Vice President of Business and Finance, effective September 30, 2002.


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