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Presidential Message for National Engineers Week February 19-25, 2006




2003 College Graduates in the US Workforce: A Profile

The total number of college graduates in the US rose to 40,621,000 in 2003, an increase of 40% in the decade between 1993 and 2003.

A slightly greater percentage (12%) of all graduates held science and engineering (S&E) jobs than did their counterparts in 1993 (11%).

Over one-third (38%) of all employed college graduates in the US have attained degrees higher than a Bachelor's degree.

Of individuals whose highest level of degree attainment is the doctorate, approximately 50% work in S&E occupations, reflecting the high proportion of individuals with a doctorate degree in science and engineering.

Nearly half (49%) of all college graduates in the US are women. Women represent more than half of all college graduates whose level of educational attainment is at the bachelor's level (51%) or at the Master's level (53%). men are a greater proportion of college graduates whose highest degrees are doctorates or professional degrees (67%).

Among college graduates, some 12% are underrepresented minorities (black, Hispanic, American Indian or Alaska native, native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander), another 7% are Asian, and approximately 1% reported that they are multiracial. Immigrants continue to be an important component of the ranks of the college educated in the US, making up 12% of this population.

SOURCE: National Science Foundation: InfoBrief, December 2005.(NSF 06-304)


Contact: Dr. Tarlochan Dhillon, Dept of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, COST

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MAGEC-STEM Students Present at 2005 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)

The abstracts of the following MAGEC-STEM students and biology majors have been accepted for presentation at the 2005 ABRCMS to be held on Nov 2-5 at Atlanta, GA. The MAGEC-STEM students conducted their research in the summer of 2005 under the supervision of the faculty of Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Dr. Chetty and Dr. Mesco attended the conference to assist the students in their presentations.

  • Phylogenetic Analysis of the Conserved Stress Responses in Eukarya (I): by Mallori Boyd, Latecia Crawford, and Eugene R. Mesco.
  • 2. Phylogenetic Analysis of the Conserved Stress Responses in Eukarya (II): by Latecia Crawford*, Mallori Boyd, and Eugene R. Mesco.
  • Microwave Assisted Parallel Esterification: by Brandon Anim*, Olarongbe Olubajo and Zhiyan Song
  • Development of Monoclonal Antibodies for Detection of Human Metapneumovirus: by Khamisi Campbell*, Robert J. Hogan, and Ralph A. Tripp
  • Analysis of an Arabidopsis Leucine-rich Repeat Receptor-like Kinase (LRR RLK) Gene: by T. Goodman-Burleson*, X. Zhang, C. S. Chetty
  • Cell Recruitment to the Site of Infection in a Mouse Model of Filariasis: by Tracey Modeste*, Manish Ramesh, T.V. Rajan
  • Investigation P: Tracking Down the Logjam in Female Behavior: by Lavezza P. Zanders* and Ginger E. Carney
  • . Leaching losses of anionic nutrient elements from soils amended with poultry litter and fly ash: by Lashasta Robinson* and P. Sivam.
  • The Effects of a para-substituted Aniline Analog on Rat Erythrocytes: by Brittany A. Williams* and Elissa Purnell.
  • Isolation and Characterization of a New Aflatoxin B1 Dihydrodiol Metabolite: by Doriane L. Sewell, Denise N. Johnson, Patricia A. Egner, and John D. Groopman

*Student Presenter

  • Four biology majors have been assisted by Dr. Chetty to pursue their 2005 summer research internships at Johns Hopkins University, University of Georgia, University of Connecticut Health Center, and Texas A & M University.
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University News

Savannah State University President, Dr. Carlton E. Brown, recently announced that the University has received the largest endowed scholarship gift in its history.

Designated by the estate trustees as the James "Jimmy" Brown Endowed Scholarship, the approximately $1 million gift will provide financial support for Savannah State students who are from selected counties in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

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