COBA Current Students

The University offers a comprehensive array of organized and informal co-curricular activities including 75 student organizations, leadership workshops, 15 intramural activities, student publications and student internships. Student organizations and leadership workshops increase student involvement in campus governance, help students develop a greater understanding of the link between leadership and co-curricular activities on campus, help students become more purposeful in their academic pursuits, and apply institutional values of honesty, civility and respect for freedom of thought and expression.


     >>  Changing a Major                               >>  Accounting                                          >> Freshmen & Sophomores
     >>  Prerequisite Sheet                              >>  Computer Information System              >> Juniors & Seniors
     >>  Academic Grids                                  >>  Global Logistics & International  
     >>  Graduation                                               Business (GLIB)
     >>  Transient
                                           >>  Management
     >>  Minor Curriculum (Business Major)      
>>  Marketing

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