The purpose of the COMPASS test is to determine the individual skill level and readiness in English, reading and math. Because students enter college with different skill levels, this test may determine placement in the appropriate course(s) as students begin their chosen curriculum. All students interested in attending Savannah State University must submit a completed application for admission to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. Students might be required to complete the COMPASS test in one or more areas: English, reading and mathematics (algebra).

Are you required to take the COMPASS Test? Register Today!  You may test on our campus in Savannah or if you live outside the Savannah area and want to save on the expense of travel. Please follow the instructions below to register for the COMPASS Test.  We can help you find a testing center near your home.

STEP 1: CHECK YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION STATUS on the SSU Admission website. If your status indicates that you must take the COMPASS Test, go to STEP 2. If your status does not indicate that you need the COMPASS, you should:


REGISTER ONLINE TO TAKE THE COMPASS TEST AT SSU. Go online and select the COMPASS (SSU Applicant); select an available test date and time.   If you are retesting at SSU choose the COMPASS Retest option and pay the non-refundable fee of $10. Once you complete the online test registration for the COMPASS Test, you will receive a test confirmation online and via your email. 

Complete the REMOTE TESTING REQUEST FORM to receive your test registration. Testing at remote location will require payment of a test administration fee to the college selected.  DO NOT CONTACT THE REMOTE TEST SITE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A TEST REGISTRATION NUMBER VIA EMAIL FROM THE SSU TESTING OFFICE.

STEP 4:         CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY for your test registration confirmation emails.  You will receive an email confirmation (within 1-2 business days) from the SSU Testing Office with your TEST

REGISTRATION NUMBER along with helpful skills/test preparation websites and a list of COMPASS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  The confirmation email will list the following:

STEP 5:     CONTACT THE REMOTE TEST SITE to schedule a date and time for your test using the information from the email confirmation received.  When calling the remote site, be sure to mention

that you are an SSU student needing to schedule a COMPASS test.  Have your test registration number on hand as you may be asked to verify permission to test at the remote site. You should inquire about testing fees and payment options at this time. You are responsible for payment of  any test fees required by the remote site prior to your test.

STEP 6:     TAKE YOUR TEST on the date and time for which you are scheduled.  Report at least 10-15 minutes early to ensure you are on time and in the right location.  Be sure to have a printed copy of your test

registration number. The registration number is important because it will be used to access your test on test day and it will ensure that your test results are reported electronically to Savannah State University. Don’t forget to review the COMPASS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about what to bring on test day, test timing, contents, preparation and other information, prior to your test.

STEP 7:     REVIEW YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION STATUS  REGULARLY for status updates by the Office of Admission.  Once a passing COMPASS score is received it will take at least 4-5 business

days for your application status to be updated by the Office of Admission. If you do not make the minimum passing scores for the COMPASS (see COMPASS FAQ), you may repeat this process or contact the Testing Office to retake the portions in which you did not make the minimum passing scores: Math (Algebra) = 37, Writing=60 and Reading = 74.

If your application status changes to “Offer of Acceptance,” please go to the Admissions website and
follow the instructions to ACCEPT YOUR SSU OFFER.  Once accepted you should complete other enrollment processes as soon as possible (paying your housing deposit, if needed, signing up for New Student Orientation, completing the process to receive financial aid, etc.). 

The COMPASS score results will be one factor in determining acceptance to Savannah State University and/or placement in college courses. COMPASS testing is offered several times throughout each semester. This test is only offered to SSU applicants who have a "PENDING COMPASS" notation on their application status for admission.  Students who have the "PENDING COMPASS" status may register for the COMPASS Test using the information listed in the STEPS above. Applicants who do not have this as a status update must consult with the Office of Admission 912.358.4338 or

All sections of the test are untimed. It takes approximately three (3) hours to complete all parts of the test. The use of a calculator is permitted on the math test only. Students may prepare for the COMPASS test by purchasing a practice guide, Chart Your Success on the COMPASS by Callahan, Commander, and Cotter (available at local and national bookstores). WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE COMPASS? See the COMPASS: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. As a courtesy we have provided some great websites for your Test Preparation and Test Strategies that you may use as you prepare for this important test. You are welcome to use any other resource you may have available to refresh your skills in the areas needed.

COMPASS Passing Score Requirements

The minimum passing score for the COMPASS Test
English 60
Reading 74
Math (Algebra) 37

COMPASS for Non-SSU Students

COMPASS Testing is offered to non-SSU or students wishing to attend another college or university.  To schedule a test session, non-SSU students must present a "registration number" provided by their home institution or an "official signed letter" (on letterhead) giving the student permission to test at Savannah State University. The letter should provide the tests needed and deadline for testing.  The COMPASS Test administration fee is $30. To register for the COMPASS Test for another college or university please REGISTER ONLINE and complete your payment of test fees. On the day of testing bring the test registration confirmation/receipt of payment and photo identification to the Testing Office.  Examinees that do not show receipt of payment will not be allowed to test. Scores may vary across institutions. Non-SSU students must discuss score results with their home institution.