Roll Call Instructions

We are excited about this year's Roll Call during the opening festivities. This year we are incorporating something new: Video Roll Calls. Below are the instructions and deadlines for all roll calls:

Video Roll Call:

If your institution is submitting a video Roll Call, it must be no longer than one minute. We would need your institution's name along with something relating to the GRASS theme. The deadline for video submissions is:

JANUARY 10, 2014 by 5pm

All formats will  be accepted and converted by our IT department. Submissions can be emailed to If the file is too large, you can mail the disk using the P.O. Box listed on the GRASS Main Page. Please include institution name along with the contact name, email, and number of the main person to be contacted concerning the video.

Your video will be automatically played during Roll Call when it is your institution's turn.


Physical Roll Call:

If your institution is doing a physical Roll Call on the day of GRASS, please note that we are asking that you remain in the stands during the duration of the Roll Call. We are also requesting that you limit it to one minute.


We thank you for your cooperation and can't wait to see what amazing and creative ideas you come up with!

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